4 Red “A snapshot of me”

Hello superstars!
I hope you are having a great start to the summer!

Your challenge over the summer is to create a “A snapshot of me”

This is an opportunity for you to explore and share fun facts about yourself and what you enjoy, whether that is cricket, dancing, motorbikes, cars, football, food, healthy lifestyle, baking, your favourite holiday!
Be creative. Think about the history of your talent or skill, think about famous people who perform your talent etc.

Presentation-You can choose whatever way to present your work- be creative!
*Powerpoint presentation
* Fact file booklet
*A3 poster
*Video- online diary/vlogging on your iPad

8 thoughts on “4 Red “A snapshot of me”

  1. I have finally finished my booklet! And now I am on my power point about king Henry the eighth, I have now completed the first page of my king henry the eighth and my mum has helped me to make it look really good! so now I am on my second page and I am nearly finished I have got pictures and texts about Henry and his six wife’s.

    By the way, I woulD like to wish Nithusha and Shkula GOOD LUCK with their awesome 3D project !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Miss Ahmed me and shkula have done the history topic challenge together is that ok????
    We are nearly finished.By the way it is 3D!!!!

  3. I have already started a booklet about me,my title is All About Me and I have already done the cover and one page about my t.v. life,outdoor life and indoor life,I haven’t made King Henry the VIII power point yet because I won’t have enough time until I have finished my booklet.
    P.S. My mum is going to help me the power point and she knows everything about technology so she will help me print it out like a booklet so a typed out booklet.My dad is also going to help me finish of my poster that I am making by helping me decorate with glitter and stars and swirls and stuff,so I thing its going to be …


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