4 Red – Around the World Week

4 Red have been learning about Australia this week. All of us have learnt a great deal and have had such fun along the way. We have taken part in a range of activities from mapping Australia, comparing its Christmas to Britain’s, using the VR headsets to look at the Great Barrier Reef, making the Sydney Opera House, creating fact files, sketching Australian animals and many more things.

See below for examples of what we have done:

4 Red:

  1. Write 3 facts you have learnt this week?
  2. What did you enjoy the most?
  3. What would you like to do next time?



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  1. 1.That the capital city on Australia is Canberra.Australia is bigger than England.In Christmas Australia is nice and work
    2. When we made Sydney house
    3. Create Sydney brige

  2. 1) the capital city is Oceania.the biggest city is Sydney.the prime minister is molcome turnball.
    2) I enjoyed doing our sole project
    3) i would like to draw all the animals that live in Australia.

  3. The capital city of Australia is Canberra.
    The national animal is a kangaroo.
    The barrier reef is the most biggest reef in the 🌎.
    Sydney is the biggest city in Australia.
    Most of the animals are venomous (poisonous).
    They have six regions.
    There prime minister is Malcolm Turnball.
    Australias currency is ‘dollar and cents’.
    The opera house is in Sydney.

    I enjoyed drawing the emu bird,kangaroo,koala and doing the opera house.

    I would like to learn about 🇲🇽 or equador and learn the positive and negative effects of the forest and different kind of species.

  4. 1. I learned that Australia people speak than 1 language
    The capital city of Australia is Canberra
    They got more than 1 city
    2. When we created a iMovie for a Australia advent
    3.cook Australia food

  5. 1) if you want to go past the Sydney harbour bridge by car you will have to pay
    6 pence.
    2) in Australia there are many Christians
    3) Did you know capital city is Canberra
    I enjoyed drawing the kangroo
    I like to do next time is to make flags

  6. 1.*The president of Australia is Malcolm turnbull.
    *Australia is a relatively rich country.
    *People who were in Australia before anyone are called Aborigines.

    2.I enjoyed using the headset the most.

    3.I would like to write an essay on 🇦🇺 Australian history next time.

  7. The main animal is a kangaroo.
    There are lots of land marks.
    They speak English but in a axce.
    I enjoyed making the Sydney opera house 🏡.
    I am not sure 🤔 about the last question.

  8. The capital city is Camberra.
    It can go up to 73.c and -55.c.
    It has the biggest reef.

    Making the Sydney opera house.

    To draw one of the landmarks.

  9. The capital city is Canberra.
    At Christmas they have hot weather.
    They have a lot of landmarks like the Great Barrier Reef.

    The thing I liked to do the best was drawing the pictures.

    Next time I would like to make more things.

  10. 1.I have learnt that Australia’s population is 24,066,602.
    The Great Barrier Reef is the largest reef in the world.
    The largest city is Sydney.
    2.The thing I enjoyed this week was when we had the headset.
    3.If we did Australia again I would like to see more of Australia in the headset.

  11. 1)I learnt that how we needed to learn about Australia 🇦🇺- And making the Oprer Sydney House -And also about the set looking at the Great Barrier Reef!

  12. When santa reaches australia he changes into a t shirt and shorts
    There are six states
    Australia’s biggest landmark is the Great Barrier Reef

    I enjoyed when we had a go with the v r head sets

    I woul like to create the Australia flag

  13. I have learnt about the capital city is Canberra
    Drawing the kangroo
    Doing more information about Australia and drawing more other animals