4 Red – Art Week

This week the artists we have looked at were Mary Cassatt and Kara Walker.  The children looked at how both artists used different types of media to create different effects.  Children then used these skills and techniques to create their own art work.  Below are some fantastic pictures of children’s portraits using oil pastels and silhouettes to identify social issues around the world.

Can you give me a fact each about Kara Walker and Mary Cassatt?

What was different about their work?

What have you enjoyed in art week?

18 thoughts on “4 Red – Art Week

  1. 1. Kara Walker does silhouettes about slavery and Mary Cassatt was the only American one in the painters .
    2. Kara Walker does silhouette but Mary Cassatt doesn’t do silhouettes .
    3. I have enjoyed doing the portrait of our mum .

  2. A fact about Kara Walker is that the colours are only Black and white because her paintings represented slavery.
    A fact about Mary Cassat is she used oil pastels to draw pictures of children and there mums.
    The difference between their work is that Mary Cassat only draws nice and happy pictures .And Kara Walker makes sad pictures because slavery is very sad and for the people that couldn’t see their family no more.
    I have enjoyed doing the silhouette because we got to use different types of materials.

  3. Kara Walker:Black And white
    Mary Cassatt:Pastel
    2:Kara Walker does pictures of slavery and Mary Cassatt does Mother’s and children’s.
    3. I have enjoyed😆 blending pastels

  4. 1.Mary Casssat’s art represents slavery
    Kara Walker’s art shows mothers and their children
    2.Mary Casssat’s work is different to Kara Walkers because she uses bright colours however Kara Walker uses black and white.
    I have enjoyed blending the oil pastels

  5. 1. Kara Walker does black and white artworks:Mary Cassatt uses pastels.
    2. Kara Walker does artworks of slavery and Mary Cassatt does artworks of mothers and children.
    3. I’ve enjoyed doing the artworks.

  6. 1.Mary Cassatt was born in Pennsylvania and Kara walker has a talent for silhouettes.
    2. Mary Cassatt did pictures about Motherly love and Kara walker did pictures of Slavery.
    3. We have enjoyed blending pastels.

    From Vinay and Keira.

  7. Kara Walker uses black and white and Mary Cassatt uses warm colours
    They used pastels Kara Walker uses violence in her drawings and Mary Cassatt uses love pictures I enjoyed blending pastels and drawing a leaf 🍃

  8. 2 I facts about Mary Cassatt.
    1. She has a talent for pastels .
    2.Her pictures represent Mothers with children.
    2.Facts about Kara walker.
    1.She has a talent for silhouettes
    Her pictures represent slavery and violence

    By jj and Ryan

  9. 1. Mary Cassatt uses pastel in her work while Kara Walker does silhouettes for her art.
    2. Kara Walker uses violence in her art but on the other hand Mary Cassatts work is about motherly love.
    3. I enjoyed blending the pastels together.

  10. Kara walker use black and white. And Mary Cassatt uses bright colours
    There was the diffrents about. Their was some good stuff and it was fun
    In art week I enjoyed the art work

  11. Kara walker uses black and white but Mary cassat uses warm colours .
    It was different because Kara walker showed slavery and Mary showed mums with children .
    The blending with the pastels.

  12. Marcel and Adela.
    Kara Walker was born in North America.
    Mary Cassatt was born in Mexico.
    Mary Cassatt used warm colours but Kara walker used black and white.
    I enjoyed the blending colours.
    I enjoyed doing the portraits.

  13. Kara Walker full name:Kara Elizabeth Walker
    Mary Cassatt was the only American to join the impressionist painters.
    Mary works with pastels while Kara works with silhouettes.
    My favourite part of the week was when we blended pastels.

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