4 Red Book Review

This week 4 Red have been looking at the book The Witches by Roald Dahl.  I would like you to do a book review and answer the following questions:-

1) What was your favourite part of the story?

2) Who would you recommend the book to and why?

3) What would you rate the book out of 10?

15 thoughts on “4 Red Book Review

  1. A.1:My favourite thing about the story was when the boy got cornered in the treehouse and the witch came. A.2:Year3-year4 because year1-year2 won’t understand.
    A.3: I would rate it 10 out of 10👏🏻👏🏻😀

  2. 1.My favourite part of the story is when Luke meets Bruno Jenkins he is so funny and he is one of those boys that have something in his pockets where ever he goes and his favourite treat to have is probably big bars of chocolate.
    2.I would recommend this book to my big brother Muhammad because it will probably make him laugh and he will read it again and again that’s how good it is!
    3.10/10 because I love the book it is so good I think everybody in my class loves the book an it is awesome book and it is so great!

  3. 1.My favourite bit is when the witch gave the boy a snake and then offers a bar of chocolate.
    2.I would recommend this book for people 9-13 because it might be a scary book for younger kids.
    3.I would rate this 10 out of 10 as it is funny and scary!

  4. Book review
    The witches
    Luke’s parents died in a car accident.
    He lives with his grand ma in Norway.
    She tells story about witches.
    Soon meets a real witch.

  5. 1. When the wiches tricked the children because it was funny that the wiches turned them into rats.
    2. I will recommend this book to the age 6-7 because they might find it funny
    3.10/10 because it is really 😂.

  6. 1. Tree house because of the witch and she forced him to come down but she didn’t.
    2. I would recommend this book to children because it is fun book
    3. Yes because it is a scary and fun about witches

  7. My favourite part of the story is when the witch comes to the tree house and offers the boy a snake and a chocolate bar and the boy yelled gramma 4 times by Adela
    And the boy was scared so he called grandma so much by Luqman

  8. My favourite part was when Luke got stuck in the tree house because I like snakes 🐍. Year 1 – year 3 because I like to teach little children 👶. I would rate the book 📚 10 because Roald Dahl books are really funny 😄.

  9. When he was in the treehouse because it was interesting.🌳
    My cousin and grandad.It is intresting and funny.😂
    I would rate it ten out of ten.🤑

    Ruby cara

  10. 1. My favourite part is the boy in the tree house and the grand which told him if he wanted chocolate or the snake because I like snakes and chocolate .
    2. I will recommend the book for 9 or over because it is a bit scary for people under 9.
    3. I will rate the book 9 out of 10

  11. 1. Sweet shop because it was a fun part
    2. I would recommend it to other children because it is a fun book
    3. Yes because it is a scary fun book

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