4 Red – Botanical Gardens

We all went on an amazing trip today to Birmingham to visit the Botanical Gardens centre. See the video below to see some of the great things we did today:

4 Red:

How long did it take for a bamboo stick to grow?

Write 3 things you learnt today?

What was your favourite part of the day?



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  1. It took three days to grow bamboo
    You can not break bamboo
    that the bottom of your shoe is made out of rubber
    Bamboo can be used for houses
    Coco cola is made out of seeds
    My favourite part of the day was when we did the challenge and the animal was a parrot

  2. 1)It took 3 days to grow twice the size of Muhammed G.
    2) I learnt bamboo takes 3days to grow and rubber is made from tree sapling and I leant that the kapok
    tree is 250 feet tall

  3. It takes 3 days for bamboo to grow.
    Bamboo can be made into anything even clothing.
    There are types of frogs that eat poisonous plants.
    plants are similar to humans;if they don’t eat they can die.
    My favorite part of the day was when we did the questions especially because my team won.

  4. 1.It takes a bamboo 3 days to grow.
    2.Bamboos can be used to build a house.
    There is a plant called cinnamon.
    There is plant called rubber.
    3.My favourite part of the day was when we were answering the questions in the mini rainforest.

  5. 4 Red I was so proud of you. You are so brave and yes I faced my fears of snakes. I cannot believe I touched it. I enjoyed the challenges and I felt every group worked really well together. Great teamwork. Who can remember the answer to the special challenge – name a rainforest animal? Thank you Mrs Frankish for another great trip.

  6. It takes the bamboo to grow for about 2/3 days
    You can not break bamboo
    There is a tree which makes rubber
    Coca cola is made out of seeds
    My favourite part of the day was when we solved the questions