4 Red celebrating her Majesty’s 90th Birthdays!

Wow what a fantastic day celebrating her majesty’s 90th birthday at Broad Heath!
We have been very lucky to take part in a huge wide range of activities, enjoy a good British picnic under the sun, eating delicious cupcakes and being treated to our very own balloon!

Watch the video below showcasing all the exciting activities we have taken part in today!


Share a comment and a special birthday wish for our gracious Queen!

31 thoughts on “4 Red celebrating her Majesty’s 90th Birthdays!

  1. I had a brilliant time in the bouncy castle and doge ball and the grandnashnell horses especially🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧.


  2. I had a good time and thank you to all of the teachers and the shool for giving us a opportunity to take part in a variable of different activities. This is the day that I will cherish forever Happy B day your majesty.

  3. I had a really good time doing all the activities all around the school.Playing dodgeball with the rugby balls was fun and cricket because in cricket I could use my P.E skills.

    Happy Bithday to Queen Elizabeth II!

  4. I had a good day trying out a range of sports my favourite one was cricket.it was a really fun day and especially everyone did .

    Good teamwork

    By eesa

  5. I had a great time celebrating the Queens Birthday and doing all of the fun activities.

    Everybody looked like they were having lots of fun together.
    By sahrah’s mum.

  6. All the activities that Haleema told me about was amazing. She told me about the bouncy castle, the picnic, the ball games and the bunting she did. Sounds like everyone had fun.
    from Haleema’s dad

  7. my day was ecstatic through out the whole day i could see and hear the joy around me. My favourite part was the cricket seeing as it is a sport England generated.This is a day i will remember forever.

    Sounds like you all had fun.
    by Usman’s dad

  8. The picnic and afternoon activities were lots of fun and it felt great to be part of the class. I especially was enjoying the fantastic atmosphere with everyone taking part in different things. Obviously a lot of planning and preparation went into the day, well done to all the BH team!

    • I loved being the centre of attention and had more audience than the queen’s speech on the field! Can I come again?!
      From Baby Ilyas (Inaaya’s little brother)

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