4 Red: Digestion drama!

This week 4 Red have been using their scientific skills to understand how the digestive system works. We used household items such as orange juice and tights to represent parts of the digestive system. This was a fantastic and engaging experiment which resulted in all children understanding how the digestive system works.

Test your understanding of the digestive system by answering the questions below.

1. Name three body parts that are involved in the digestive system?

2. What did the orange juice represent ?

3. What is role of the teeth in the digestive system?


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  1. 1. large intestine and small intestine teeth .
    2. The orange juice presents the acid .
    3. The teeth mush up the food even more when it enters the mouth.

  2. 1. The Small and Large intestines also the Mouth.
    2. The Orange juice represents the acid that breaks the food in the stomach.
    3. The role of the teeth is to mush up the food when it enters the mouth and takes the food down the oesophghaus so it can go down to the stomach.

    I loved the experiment it was really disgusting and gross and I will love to do it again it was so fun the experiment was fun and educational at the same time.