4 Red discussing pros and cons of using circus animals

Today in 4Red we have been learning about animals within the circus. Children have put together videos of reasons why animals should be included within the circus world as well as arguing their views for why animals should not be part of a circus act.

.After watching the videos below, have a go at answering some of the questions about how animals are treated




Are animals treated fairly within a Circus environment?


How are animals controlled whilst performing at the Circus?


If you could change the ways in which animals were treated, what would you change and why?

12 thoughts on “4 Red discussing pros and cons of using circus animals

  1. Animals are definitely not being treated the same as they should be in the circus environment .
    They are hit with sticks and even whips,to be controlled to behave good.
    I would change the way they are treated by just giving them a treat and gently tell them ‘BEHAVE’

  2. These are all fantastic responses 4Red, how would you feel if humans were treated the same as these animals?
    What law did we talk about during British Values week that prevents this from happening to us?

  3. Animals are not treated fairly because they are waked.

    They are controlled by people waking them while they are performing.

    I would change the way they were treating them while they were performing in the circus.

  4. No because they are tortured so they can learn tricks.
    I would change, to make sure they are not allowed to have animals in the circus.

  5. No animals are not treated fairly in the circus environment.

    Animals are controlled by getting tortured when not listening and doing as so.

    I would change how they treat the animals because they should be treated the sa,e as humans no matter why.


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