4 Red – Electrical circuits

Last week we looked at making circuits using lights bulbs, batteries, crocodile clips, motors and buzzers.  Children used their knowledge from last week to make an iMovie showing how  a circuit is made.  Watch the videos below and explain how can a circuit be broken?

Looking at the pictures below which circuit will work and which will not work? Please explain your answer.

15 thoughts on “4 Red – Electrical circuits

  1. They both won’t be able to work because A one of the crocodile clips isn’t connected.
    F won’t work because electronics electrons won’t flow through the other side.

  2. None of these circuits work because they are all not connected properly and the circuit is half connected but the wire on the right side is not connected because the wire is not in the metal hole.
    F won’t work because the wires in the battery are right but both of the wires are in one metal hole.

  3. Both of them won’t work because A one of the crocodile clips are not connected to one of the bolts on the light bulb. F won’t work either because both of the crocodile clips are on one bolt on the light bulb.

  4. Neither of them will work because first circuit A does not have the one cable [crocodile clip] is not connected in and circuit F does not have the crocodile clip on the other bolt whereas A has it on 1 side but not on the other side. The second circuit has the crocodile clips on the first bolt and not on the other.

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