4 Red-Engineering week

This week has been full of enthusiasm, creativity and hardwork!

You were given a design brief to create a boat which would travel from A to B as quick as possible. Watch the video below sharing 4 Red’s journey throughout the week.

  1. What famous engineer inspired you and why?
  2.  How did the research and experiments you completed help you design your boat?
  3. Compare your original boat and your second boat design?

28 thoughts on “4 Red-Engineering week

  1. Bill gates inspired me because he made Microsoft and different kind of apps. I search but I couldn’t find anything but I improve it by adding a pepella.

  2. my favourite engineer,is henry ford he created the ford model T car during 1908.He went on to make
    cars using an assembly line which meant that he could make lots of cars cheaply.He produced millions of cars that many people could afford.

    2 firstly my group went onl
    ine to see the different type of boats and then we came along an idea of a speed boat and a
    3.when I first made my boat it looked like a raft but the second time i added some sides which improved the design
    3 whenufirst created my boat

  3. The Engineer that inspired me was Heddy Lamar because she invented radios.The experiments helped me and my group to know which materials to use for our boat.We needed to know this because, our goal was that our boats should travel from point A from point B without obsorving any water. If the boat had obsored the water the boat would become heavier and eventually sink.The research helped me to know what shape,size and deign the boat should look like.Our first boat was better than the second boat because the prappeler worked whereas the second time it didn’t.
    I DID NOT LIKE ENGINEER WEEK I LOVED IT:):):):):):):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 1.My favorite engineer was Lucy because she shared lots of interesting information.
    2.I built my boat from plastic bottles because when we investigated which materials floated and were waterproof plastic was one of them.
    3.My original boat was more boaring then are secondary boat because are first boat had two bottles on the side that made it sink but on are second boat we took the bottles of and then are boat floated.

  5. Isambard kingdom brunel inspired me because he was patient and tried very hard to build the tunnel. It help me to design my boat by knowing which material were waterproof. My first boat could not with out a propeller and I wanted to use a propeller to make my boat go fast.

  6. 1)A famous man called Alexander Graham Bell inspired me because he made the telephone and also he is a electrical engineer.He was born on the 3rd of March 1847 AD and died on the 2nd of August 1922 AD.
    2)The research help me a lot by what shape is the fastest,which materials are waterproof and float.After we build our boats we tested it and then made improvements like adding propellers.Unfortunately,our propeller didn’t work.
    3)Our second design was better because the first design floated a bit but then sank but the second one travelled half way so thats a good sign.

    I have made lots of progress this week and I think we should all be proud of ourself because we worked hard.

  7. George Stephenson inspired me because he built the first locomotives for the first railway. The research and the experiments helped my boat by learning all the matireals which are waterproof. My first boat had a small sail but now it has a big sail. I also added a extra propeller to make my boat go fast however someone stole it.

    Hoped you all liked your boats!!!

  8. The Engineer that inspired me was Henry Ford because he invented the Ford cars in the year 1908. The research that helped me was plastic because it was Warter proof and floated on Warter. When we first tested our boats, it floated but on second try it toppled over because of a whole. So when we improved the boat we were layering pieces of cello tape on the whole and we added a propeller for the speed. After improving my boat, we re tested it and found out that the propeller was to high up, therefore it did not work. However this time it did not sank or topple over.

  9. I was inspired by Isambard Brunel because invented a railway.
    My investigation helped me by seeing which material is waterproof and what floated.
    My first boat was too big and it tilted to the side so it only went half way.My second boat had a propeller.That didn’t work because it was stuck between the holder.

  10. My favourite engineer is Marissa Mayer,she has inspired me by being a computer engineer and I love computers and she is president of YAHOO.com!👻
    The experiments helped us to design our boats by seeing which material was best for our boat and which shape was best for our boat and once we had finished the experiments,we found out that plastic was the best material for a boat and the best shape was streamline for our boat.
    My first boat was good and comparing it to my second design…my second design was better than my first one because it had a bigger sail and another propeller but someone took it.

  11. Henry ford inspired me not only he made the Ford T model he was the first man to build the cheapest car so that people can not waste their money. The reasearch and the experiments helped me by experimenting which materials float/sink, which materials were waterproof and which shape was the best at floating. When I first tested my first boat it floated on the water but the water came in through the hole in the margarine box also we didn’t have a propella because of this our boat did not move faster. Whilst we were improving it we added a propella to make it move faster other than slower. To mend the hole in the margarine box we added layers and layers of sellotape and we added decoration. Top tip we added foil over cardboard so that it can be waterproof throughout the journey.

  12. Henry Ford inspired me because he liked figuring out how things work and he invented the Ford in the year 1908.
    The research and the experiments helped me because without the research it wouldn’t have given me ideas and without doing the experiments I wouldn’t have known what materials would be waterproof and not just sink.
    My original boat was plane but when I pushed it in the water it only stopped half way whereas the second boat we added a propeller to improve the speed when

    • Carrying on
      When we put it in the water we had a problem it didn’t work because the propeller kept hitting the sides.
      If I were to improve it another time I would make the propeller shorter and the sides wider.

  13. Isambard kingdom Brunel inspired me becuase he was patient
    and tried very hard to build a tunnel. It helped my group design
    our boat by knowing which materials were waterproof .
    My first boat did have a propeller but it still floated and
    nearly went from A to B. My second boat had a propeller
    and did no go to the end and my first prediction was right my
    second prediction was wrong.

  14. Marisa Mayor inspired me because she made software and I like to take things apart, see how they work then put it back together. The research and tests helped me by showing me that plastic was the strongest material and it was very sturdy. Next it showed me that a streamline shape was the best shape because it was the fastest shape. My original boat looked ok but it toppled over. However, my second boat was (giant,) sturdy and strong. My team (and me) tried to add a propeller that worked properly but unfortunately, I didn’t work.

  15. Henry Ford inspired me because he made the Ford cars in the year of 1908.The research and the experiments helped me design the boat because I found out that plastic was waterproof and plastic floated. When I tested my first boat on the water, my boat sank because there was a hole and water was getting in through that hole.Whereas on my second boat I added a propeller so the boat can move more faster through the water. Me and my group also mended the hole by putting some cello tape and a bit of masking tape. When I re-tested my boat the propeller didn’t work therefore the boat didn’t move a bit quicker. The problem with the propeller was that the propeller wasn’t touching the water.

  16. 1.Iasmbard brunel is a civli engineer because he made the great weatden railway
    2. I research about that a streamline is going foward
    3. My original boat titling but i change the banle but it had holes so it float then sink

  17. Isambard kingdom brunel inspierd me because he was patient and tried very hard to build a tunnel .It help me design my boat by knowing which materials were water proof.My fierst boat did not have a proppeller however my second boat did.

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