4 Red health week video

Good evening 4 Red,

I hope you have all had a great health week, I have attached a video for you to look at.

Which activity did you enjoy the most during health week and why?



Why is it important to have a healthy lifestyle?



Can you explain how you know the difference between a good and a bad drug?

5 thoughts on “4 Red health week video

  1. 1)I enjoyed learning about first aid becaus maybe your in the park and you find someone fainted and you need to help them.
    2)It’s good to have a healthy lifestyle because you don’t have diabetes,high blood pressure.
    3)The difference between a good drug and a bad drug is a good drug is to help you get better a bad drug is not helping you like smoking because you get addicted to it.

  2. 1) The Activity I Enjoyed The Most Was The Informative poster about why you should never smoke.. and how it can harm your body.

    2) It is important to have have an healthy lifestyle because you would less likely to have one of these diseases
    **high blood pressure**

    3) The Difference Between A Good Drug And A Bad Drug Is That an good drug is meant to help cure a certain illness you have, however an overdose of it can lead to a very dangerous virus. The Difference Between a Bad Drug is that it can destroy your heart and stop it from breathing which is one result of a bad drug, however there are alot of consequenses from taking a bad drug.

  3. 1)I enjoyed learning about first aid because I’ve been comfortable with first aid for a long time.

    2(It’s important to have a healthy lifestyle because it can give you a joyful life.
    1)Brushing your teeth can stop you from having gum diseases,gum cancer.
    2)Exercising can help you being healthy by using your muscles and making your body healthy.
    3)Eating healthy can help you by giving you energy and not making you go miserable and grumpy.

    3)A good drug (medicine) can make you better but an overdose can give you a side-effect for example
    Ibuprofen (if overdosed)can make you have a tummy ache but the correct dose can help your tummy pain.

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