4 Red – Our Digestive system

This week in year 4 we have been looking at our digestive system. The children carried out an experiment looking at each part of the digestive system. Looking at the pictures below and what we have found out please answer the following questions:-

1) Name the six parts of the digestive system?

2) How does the digestive system work?

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  1. 1.Our 6 parts of our digestive system are including the mouth,oesophagus,stomach,small intestines and also to things big intestines and the liver.
    2.The walls of the small intestine absorb the digested nutrients into the bloodstream.The blood delivers the nutrients to the rest of the body.Large intestines.The waste production of the digestive process include undigested parts
    of food and older cells flow the GI tract lining!

  2. There are 6 parts of the digestive system and they are mouth,oeshegus,stomach,small intestine,large intestine and Anus.

    First the food goes in your mouth and it gets swallowed.

    after your mouth it goes to your oesephegus like a journey and if you put it a big part of food it will be hard for your stomach to break it down


    From your oeshegus it goes to your stomach were it breaks down in to little pieces. Why your stomach doesn’t burn from the acid is because the stomach is made out of from STRONG skin. The acid breaks it in little pieces.

    Small intestine:
    all of it goes to your small intestine and the juice from the things that you ate gets absored. THIS part can stretch extremely long more than 3 mugas.

    Large intestine:
    All the food which can’t fit through the small intestine comes to the large intestine known as your waste


    All the waste goes through your Anus.This is known as your bottom.

  3. 1.The 6 parts of the digestive system are oesophagus, stomach, liver, kidneys, small intestine and the large intestine.
    2.The food goes into the mouth then down the oesophagus into the stomach.
    the stomach breaks the food down with it’s acid.
    then the nutrients go into the small intestine and get absorbed into the body.
    The waste goes into the large intestine and come out your anus.


    You use your mouth to chew your food and swallow it.


    The oesophagus’ is to take the food from the mouth to the stomach.
    you have to chew your food properly because if you don’t your neck starts to hurt so you know you have swallowed a big amount of food.


    The food from the oesophagus goes into the stomach where it is broken down.
    The acid in our stomach breaks the food down.
    Did you know the stomach can hold acid in it without burning because it is made out of special skin and tissue.

    Small intestine:

    The broken down food goes into the small intestine where it takes all the nutrients and the nutrients get absorbed into the body.
    Did you know the small intestine is incredibly long if you stretch it.

    Large intestine:

    All the rest of the food is turned into waste.
    Did you know the large intestine is 1.5 metres long.


    All the waste comes out of the anus.
    The anus is known as your bottom.

  4. 1.The 6 parts of the of the digestive system are the mouth, oesophagus, stomach, small intestines, big intestines and the liver.
    2.The digestive system works where you eat your food, then it goes down your oesophagus, then into your stomach where the acid breaks your food , then it goes you small intestines and collects the nutrients and then it goes through your big intestines and then it comes out.

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