4 Red Science Week

4 Red learnt about natural science this week. We conducted observations, experiments and learnt about famous scientists. See the video below for the highlights of our amazing week:

4 Red:

  1. Which part of the week did you enjoy the most?
  2. Write 3 facts you learnt from Science week.
  3. If we did Science week again, what else would you like to do/learn?


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    1. 1 The part I enjoyed in science week was when we made our ecological houses .
      2 * I learnt that if you don’t recycle then you’re affecting the environment .
      * l also learnt how to make a rain gauge and a tornado in a bottle .
      3 If we did science week again I would like to learn about space.

    2. I enjoyed the part when we made houses and dna Dan
      3facts I learnt were a Eco friendly house doesn’t affect the environment,David Ateenborough got nited and how to make a tornado in a bottle
      If we done science week again I would want to do something about how plastic affects the environment