25 thoughts on “4 Red – Windrush posters

  1. They should not be sent back to jamaica because they helped us clean up after world war 2.
    they should not be sent back to Jamaica because they paid Taxes.

  2. 1.The Windshield should not go back to Jamaica because the have contributed to our country and helped us for war so we should contribute to there country.
    2.They have worked really hard to build Britain back and what they have done is what they will get and the reward is there British passport.

  3. 1.) It is not fair because they were working for Britain for a long time.

    2.) They paid their taxes and so we should let them stay and look after them. Because they have the same right as everyone.

  4. 1. The Caribbean’s should not get deported back because they travelled on a ship called windrush so they could come to Britain to help clean up after World War Two.

    2. They should also not get deported back because the time they have been here, they have payed taxes.

    By Shivani.

  5. 1.The Caribbeans did lot’s of work to save Britain after the world war 2.
    2.They have payed lot,s of taxes.
    3.Some went for war and even died.

  6. They should not be deported because it doesn’t matter what skin colour you have or it doesn’t matter if you are from an another country

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