4 Red’s Literacy caption work

Today the children in 4 Red completed some work on captions , creating their own captions for pictures of different locations around the school.  They showcased their learning by creating posters on Pic Collage.  Here are some examples below:-


What are captions?

What do captions tell us?

16 thoughts on “4 Red’s Literacy caption work

  1. A caption is when there is a diagram and also there could be like 4 lines or a piece of paragraph, and it tells us what or who is in the diagram( photograph or a picture ). You can sometimes learn new facts about it or who.You can only find it in a information text or a non-fiction book because a fiction book is a normal story (fairy tale)and a story was never ever real but it has been made up. :) by jeremi

  2. caption are used for diagram because if a diagram didn’t have a caption next to it then people would not no what is going on in the picture.

  3. A caption is were there is a picture with a bit of text to show what it is and what it’s used for. If you didn’t know what a picture was and what it’s used for you can just read the text to see what it is and what it’s used for ,the text is only a little bit of sentences.

  4. 1.Captions are a little bit of text that you find next to a diagram or picture.
    2.Captions tell us what the picture or diagram is about just explaining a little bit of information.

  5. Captions tell us whats happening in a picture and they describe them.
    Captions tell us about a picture and whats happening in the picture.

  6. I liked t make a this peace of work because I put I effect to do this but it was very,very fun to do!!!!!£!!!🍓🍊🍅🍌🍏🍖🥙🍟🍗


  7. Wow beautiful captions ispesoly the second one it’s the best one I’ve ever seen and well done to the others too keep on trying on those captions and have a good time.
    Captions are writing that tells us what that porson is doing!

  8. 1.Captions are little titles that tell you what there about !!!
    2.What the paragraph going to be about so you know where to find it!!!😀

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