4 White: Achieving the incredible dream-week1

4White, I am pleased with how well you have settled back into routine after a week off. You have a good attitude and  you have worked hard this week to ‘achieve the incredible dream!’

You have been learning the 6 x table in your maths lessons this week. You have Which patterns have you identified?

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In English, we have been learning about stories with dilemmas. You identified the structure of the story and what the dilemma was. What is a dilemma? What was the dilemma in ‘Stories of a fourth grade nothing’? What is the structure of a story with a dilemma?

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In Science, we introduced our new unit called ‘In a state’. What are the states of matter? We carried out an experiement to investigate how to change the state of material. We used ice, chocolate and butter. How can they change state?

In Geography, we have been learning about Mexico. The children have learnt to locate Mexico on a world map. Where is Mexico? Which continent is it in? Use compass points to describe it’s location. They have looked at thematic maps to understand what the environment is like in Mexico.

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During wet lunchtime, some girls in 4 white used the Ipad to create a movie about their week.

How have you achieved the incredible dream this week?

19 thoughts on “4 White: Achieving the incredible dream-week1

  1. In science I have achieved the incredible dream by learning about solid and
    liquids. I have learned that solid particles stick together and they never move. Liquid particles can move around.Ice is a solid and a liquid because when ice melts I turns into water. Bricks are solids also I know that they are made of kneeled clay.
    In English I have achieved the incredible dream by making a prediction about the 4th grade nothing.

  2. You can make the solids into liquids so for an example get I block of ice put in the sun for a long time then it turns into liquids.

  3. Solid is hard because it does not spread but liquids spread.if you blow a balloon with air and if one is big and one is small there still the same Wight .

  4. I have achieved the incredible dream by learning what a dilemma is a dilemma is a big problem also we have been learning about different type of gas such oxygen and plasma.

  5. I have achieved the incredable dream by making more progress and gaining more.
    I have identified the pattern double the 3 x table to get the sixes and half the 12x table to get the sixes.
    A dilemma is a hard problem not easy to solve.
    The 3 states are solid,liquid and gas.
    Mexico is in the continent north america.
    I have enjoyed this week.
    I have enjoyed making this I move :) :):):)

  6. I have achieved the incredable dream by learning that one of the elements are
    Atoms helium lithium oxygen but there are118 elements . Also we see the sky as blue because the atoms and light is blue .

  7. The states of matter were solid,liquids and gases.
    They change state by heating them or by freezing them.

    Mexico is in the south of north america.

    The structure of story with dilemma is:
    beginning,build up,dilemma,consequence,ending

  8. I have achieved the incredible dream by learning what water and oxygen is made of water is made of two elements they are hydrogen and atoms. Oxygen is a it element its self .
    It’s self and it is from the matter of state called gas . Plasma is the 4th matter of state and is found in the northern lights it is made of vitamins minerals and Uric

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