4 White-Anglo Saxons

We have been learning about the Anglo Saxons in our history lessons. Who were the Anglo Saxons? Why did they come to Britain?

We learnt that the Saxons had seven different kingdoms and labelled these on a map. Why did they have seven kingdoms?

Shields were used by Anglo Saxons and we designed our own using the internet to research different designs.

photo 1

Saxons settled in villages. The house were made of wood and straw. We collected sticks and built our own model Saxon village. We had to work as a team just like the Saxons would have.


Here is our classroom display.

photo 1photo 2

What have you learnt about how the Anglo Saxons lived? Do you think you could live as an Anglo Saxon? Why?

7 thoughts on “4 White-Anglo Saxons

  1. Anglo Saxon:

    1) They lived in little houses and small villages. The houses were made out of straw and wood. These were the natural materials that they could use in those times. Saxon was a word of a sword.

    2) I would not like to live there because there was no running water from the tap, no electricity and it would be very cold.

  2. They came to Britain because we called them to fight with us to fight the Pics and Scots.I have learnt about how the Anglo-Saxons lived.I would not like to live how the Anglo-Saxons lived.

  3. Anglo Saxons were two German tribes but joint together.
    The Anglo Saxons came to Britain because there was good farming land and good

  4. 1 they where two groups of land they where called the Anglo ,Saxons who had wooden houses the men ruiled the land there where no queens.
    2. They came to Britain because we were getting invaded from different kinds of groups coming different direction called scots.
    3. They had 7 kingdoms because there where 7 parts of Britain.
    The Saxons got beaten by the Normans.
    They took over Britain because they had good climat big land.

  5. 1.The Saxons named after sword called sax. The Saxons originally lived in Europe some of them came to Britain during the dark ages
    2.They came to Britain because Britain had lots of gold and it was a good place to farm on whereas Germany was not a good place to farm on.

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