4 White Art week

We have had a fantastic week in 4white. Not only have we rehearsed and performed an assembly, we have also learnt a lot about the famous artist, Albrecht Durer. Two of his famous pieces of art work inlude ‘The praying hands’ and ‘Hand with pointed finger’.

We experimented with a different grades of pencils to create a range of tone. The children then used the range of pencils to complete a picture and finally create their own picture of the hand with pointing finger.

photo (5)photo 3photo 2

We designed and made our own 3D models. We decorated these to represent an emotion. We also made a group piece of 3D art using newspaper, mod rock and paint.

photo 2photo 1photo 4

Abdul and Yousaf made a video about our learning.


What have you learnt during Art week?

Share 3 facts you have researched about Albrecht Durer.

rhinoHere is a very different piece of art work created by Durer.

Write a detailed description of the rhino. Try to use adjectives, similes and metaphors.

24 thoughts on “4 White Art week

  1. I loved art week especially the painting and the pointing finger. Tameem
    and ibrahim helped me paint they are my best friends. I liked everybody’s pointing finger.

  2. During art week we learnt about Albrecht Durer and sketch some of his art work.
    He was born in May 21 1471.
    He died in April 6 1528.
    His father was a goldsmith.
    The gigantic rhino was like a cow with sharp horns.

  3. Albrecht durers father is a gold smith a person fixes jewleft if it breaks and gold.
    Albrecht durer was the first artist to paint a self portrait.
    Albrecht durer is a famous artist that paint lots of self portrates.

  4. I have learnt that the affect of b is bold and H is lighter.
    Also I have learnt to carve play do to make a 3D model.
    Albrecht Durer is a artist who cerated Rhino,pointing hand and the praying hands.
    Albrecht Durer born in May 21 1471.
    He died in April 6 1528.
    The rhino has a sharp as a knife horn.
    It has scaly patterns as a shield coating.
    It’s bails dont look that point,so it can’s scratch

  5. What I have enjoyed ?

    I have enjoyed draing the pointing finger because it was really creative and the fact Mrs street said all of the class drawings were amazing!

  6. Albrecht Durer is from Germany and is famous.
    He drew a pointing hand.
    He went Italy then went back to Germany the to Italy again.

  7. Albrecht Durer
    Durer sketched a pointing finger and it is pointing at something.
    He drew a self portirate and he was the first person to do a self portirate.
    He was very famous.

  8. Albrecht Durer:

    He was famous artist, and was famous for being the person to make a self portrait.

    Ha has a famous paint called the praying hand.

    His painting contains texture and feeling and makes you thing the drawing are real.

  9. Looked like you had a vast array of different artistic experiences. Remember how to hold a paint brush properly so you gain even better control. Really liked your work and your speaking.

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