4 White Home Learners! Sharing Photos

We love to hear about what 4 white are getting up to at home. Look at these wonderful pieces of home learning! We are very proud. In this strange time it is your photos and messages from home that remind us that it is all worthwhile- so thank you.

Don’t forget, I have set up a padlet page for 4 white. This is a safe space to share images and messages from home. They can be uploaded directly from your device and once approved by me (I will get a notification on my i-pad) will be instantly shared with the class. Children are able to view and like each other’s posts and post messages for each other to see. I would love hear from all of you on here! I will re-post the log in details below.

OR- You can share by email on our year 4 email address: Y4upload@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk

Yahya used his IT skills to create this great mind map about communities he belongs to!
Mikolaj memorised the poem for his performance- impressive!
Zaid’s fantastic reflections on communities he belongs to
Safya and her lovely PSHE work about communities
Image preview
Rajbir’s excellent maths work
Image preview
Bethany and Bayleigh have been very busy crafting and cooking!
Aamina worked really hard to complete her work over the Easter break. She has produced a detailed information text about France!
Abubaker has been helping in the kitchen and completing drawing challenges!
Fantastic home helping and creating from Aamina, Alexis and Adeena this week!
Yahya has been showing his engineering skills using his sibling’s building blocks!
Our class Padlet wall is growing day by day! Stay in contact with me, Mrs Diaz and your friends here! (remind yourself how to log in below)


Your username is your first name then ‘4W’.
For Example: Name4W

Password: safeandwell

Your Screen will look like this- click where it says log in and retry, then enter your username and password.

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  1. When I log on my mum’s phone because we downloaded the app it says user not found but when I go on the computer it lets me can you tell me why

    • Bethany, scan the QR code, it will then take you to a login page, click on the login/retry- Miss Phillpotts has put a picture up above of what it looks like.

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