4 White Zoom Calls and Timetable! (Week 6)

This blog will stay pinned to the top of the 4W blog page so that you can always find: the suggested TIMETABLE and the ZOOM CALL DETAILS for the week.

Hello 4 White! Here is your home learning timetable for MUSIC WEEK! It is going to be such a fun week! Show us your enthusiasm and we hope you enjoy it!
This is just a suggestion- we appreciate that learning from home can be really tough. We also understand that this might not work for all families. But we hope this helps some children to complete more of their home learning (and have time for fun extras too!). The expectation is:
-3 LEARNING BLOGS PER DAY, completed to the best of your ability
-PE Zoom MUST be attended every Monday at 9:30

This week we will be speaking with you on zoom every morning! This a quick 15 minute check in where we talk to you about the day’s learning. Everybody MUST ATTEND registration zoom at 9:15 EVERY MORNING. Below are the password, links and meeting IDs you will need.

Week 5 Zoom Password (no capital letters):
The name of one of our minion buddies. 4 letters.
(_ _ _ _)
Use for all zoom meetings this week.

Zoom Registration: Monday 08/02/21

ID:980 9522 1673

PE Monday: Year 4 Soul&Reggae Work Out
Time: Feb 8, 2021 09:30 AM London

Meeting ID: 823 7140 0807
Passcode: (Assistant head beginning with P)

Zoom Registration: Tuesday 09/02/21

ID: 955 6383 3452

Zoom Registration: Wednesday 10/02/21

ID: 933 2240 3730

MRS KHAN is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. HARRIS, KEVIN, ISRAA, MAHMUDA, ASIM, SHAHZAIB
Topic: Year 4 Maths Intervention Time: Jan 20, 2021 10:00 AM London
Join Zoom Meetinghttps://zoom.us/j/2861985458?pwd=a2FsNENKUTVkYml0OUs1NEZLaURkQT09
Meeting ID: 286 198 5458
Password: The colour of the Citizen of the week ribbon!

Zoom Registration and Feedback: Thursday 04/02/21

ID: 949 3455 8254

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  1. Hello this is yaw’s sister. I have tried to help him with zoom and asked our dad but the passcode still is not working. sorry and thank you.

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