Miss Ahmed’s maths homework-Negative numbers

To begin with, refresh your memory of negative numbers by playing some of the games below
(Some of the links only work via computers)




Please complete calculations in homework books.
You must write the challenge subheading and the correct number sentences.

Bronze: Use a number line if needed to add or subtract negative numbers.

A)  What is 7 less than 2?
B) What is the difference between – 16 and -9?
C) How much more is 5 than – 4?
D) What is 12 degrees more than -8?
E) Order the following numbers in descending order:   -12  3   -172   43  – 98   0


Silver: Are the below statements true or false? Show working out

Antarctica Finland Greenland Iceland England Russia
-41°C -7°C -4°C -11°C C -23°C

A) Finland is the coldest country.
B) Iceland is 14°C colder than England.
C) The difference in temperature between Russia and Greenland is 14°C
D) Antarctica is 47°C colder than Finland
E) The temperature difference between Finland and Russia is the same as the difference between Iceland and Antarctica.

Gold: Solve the questions below using the image below, write answers in a sentence, using the correct name of  the animals.

There are black markings all the way up the lighthouse and on the support for the lighthouse going down to the sea bed. These markings are 1 metre apart. I have left the numbering for you to do.

The sea level is of course “0 and then positive numbers going up and negative numbers going down to the sea bed.

If we think about the mouths of the creatures then we can see how much deeper they are from each other. For example the (mouth of) the fierce looking blue and white fish near the middle is 1 metre deeper than the (mouth of) the golden yellow fish.

1. What number should be where the light shines from the lighthouse?
2. What number should be where the (head of the) seagull is?
3. What number should be where the (mouth of the) red crab, near the bottom, is?
4. How far is it down from the (head of the) seagull to the (mouth of the) yellow fish?
5. How far is it from the turtle, near the surface of the water, to the crab?
6. There’s a little brown sea-horse to the right of the lighthouse support. How far from the surface is it?
7. How high above the sea level is the seagull flying?
8. How far is the seagull from the sea-horse?
9. How high is the pointed end of the cloud?

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    • Well done Marcel for having a go but have a look at question 2 agin. Also can you answer these in your homework book and have a go at the gold challenge.

    • Well done Zaynab. Can you have a look at bronze challenge number 4 and silver challenge number 2 again. Please make sure you answer these questions in your books as requested on the blog.

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