4A The Brick Wall Champions!

Kind, respectful, thoughtful, splendid, considerate, creative, caring, tidy, generous, extraordinarly wonderful are only a few words to describe you 4A!
Huge well done on working as a team and winning the brick wall! :)

Thank you Graham for awarding 4A with the opportunity to play on the bouncing castle :)

Below are a few snaps/videos of children enjoying their treat.
(You were missed Ahlam, Baldeep, Dylan, Gautam and Bukumi, we are sure you’re having a fabulous time abroad)

4A you have accomplished so much this half term, please share a comment to share your highlight or something you’re proud of.

19 thoughts on “4A The Brick Wall Champions!

  1. we won the brik wale because we were kind,genores,tidiy klas room and respect icha other.I injoide the bounci casal because no school dosent hav a apachuniti to have a bouaunci casal. What ever you get dont be upsat be praud just like I said no enyi other schools dont get apachuniti to have a baounciy casal.

  2. Well trying to build a wall is hard work! But we tried are best and worked as a team to earn as many bricks as possible. This is brick wall competition is great and it also motivates children to behave in a good way. Thank you so much Graham and Mrs Frankish for the bouncy castle. 4A are the brick wall champions!! Hooray!❤️

  3. Congratulations 4A on being the victors of the Brick Wall. It was an exciting feeling when RP won it last term because we worked as a team to gain so many bricks. You are all role model children so continue to shine. Remember creative minds create magic!

  4. I am really happy in the bouncy castle and excited I am proud of us wining brick wall. I was enjoying my self in the bouncy castle even we play tag each other it felt like I was going to cry but it was so tired I was out of breath.

  5. I am happy that we win the brick wall because we worked as a team an were kind and respectful. It was very fun thank you Mrs Frankish to being a such a good Head Teacher.Graham thank you for letting us on bouncy castle .

  6. The things I have achieved in year four is that I successfully achieved
    my Harry Potter wings and I got the level I wanted to get in Year four.Our behaviour has been good throughout the year and if we give good behaviour we get good treats.We are brick wall winners!

  7. I am really proud that we worked as a team to win the brick wall award. It was so much fun going on the bouncy castle. I even liked the bouncy castle.

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