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  1. Thane – A person who ordered people to do things it basically means a king.
    Churl – A man that is the second under the Thanes the Churls are the ones that do all the forcing people to do things.
    Civilians – Civilians are slaves that get bossed around the most of all.
    Wergild – Wergild means paying lots of shillings or if the Anglo-Saxon didn’t have enough money he had to become a slave.
    Shillings – Anglo-Saxons called this money.

  2. The Anglo Saxons invaded England in 400 AD . The ordeals in the Anglo Saxon time was water and heat. The water punishment was all about if you are guilty or innocent so they tied and threw you into the water and if you floated it means that you are guilty and if you sank it means that you are innocent. The heat ordeal is all about you to put your hand in boiling water .

  3. Anglo saxon: Anglo saxons are the people that live in Germany and came to Bratain

    Thane:the thane is the most important person that make sure if there guilty or innocent.

  4. Anglo Saxons: are from Germany they came in 400 AD to invade Britain.
    Ordeals: The Anglo Saxons had three ordeals, ordeal by fire ordeal by water and ordeal by burning . All of them were terrible. The most terrible was ordeal by water because you might die before you get pulled out.
    Moot: They also had a moot which is a court

  5. Anglo Saxon-is a group of people that arrived in Britain and fought Romans
    churls-is a noble that whiped the slaves
    werglid-is a money that you pay when you broke the law
    witan-is a group of people who are the thanes friends that made the law
    moot-is a court that people talk about if somebody broke the law
    oath helpers- talk about if somebody broke the law
    shilings-is a money that you pay in Anglo Saxon times
    ordeal-is a punishment the threepunish ments were called ordeal by water ordeal by fire ordeal by buning

  6. Anglo Saxons were
    people who were from Germany and invaded Britan and they were in disguse.
    churls are a thanes freind and also decides what to do with the thane.
    Thane is a person who decides what they have to do and who to do it.
    Moot is a place were the thane decides if they were guilty or innocent.
    Oath helpers are people who
    are like the wergilds.
    ordeals are the punishments like ordeal by drowning
    wergilds are fines

  7. Anglo Saxon – people who came to England a long time ago to get land and farms.(They battled and conquered parts of Britain)

    Churl – Thanes slave – he does all of the ordeals for the Thane – pushing
    someone in the water to drown.

    Moot – was the court in the Anglo Saxon times – in the moot the Thane would decide if the accused person was guilty or not.

    Oath helpers – An Oath helper was like a witness – they would say if the civillian done the crime or not.

    Ordeal-An ordeal is a trial (punishment) when you are belived or acuused to do a crime.

    Thane-It was the head of the moot (court) who was called a Thane in Anglo-Saxon times.

    Shillings- money in Anglo Saxon times.

    Wergild-If you cut one of someones body parts off , you would have to pay shillings. (money)

    Witan – He was the Thanes friend.


  8. Anglo Saxon:Anglo Saxons were warriors who fought Britan.
    churl:churl was a noble who whipped slaves.
    hut:a hut is were Anglo Saxon live.
    moot:were thanes diecied if a person was guilty
    thatched:woven straw
    wattle:wattle is wood
    Witan:a Kings friend who makes laws

    hut:a hut is were Anglo Saxon.
    moot:were thanes dieced if a person was guilty.

  9. Anglo Saxon are warriors who invaded England in 400AD
    Banshied means sent away
    A Churle is a Thanes slave
    Thanes are leaders of the Moot
    Witans hepls to make the laws
    Oath helper support the guilty
    Moots are courts were the Thane chooses who is guilty and not

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