4A’s Journey to the UAE

4A has spent the week developing their new found knowlegde about the United Arab Emirates.

Here is a short video showcasing some of their learning.

4A here is an oppurtunity for you to show off all your new knowledge..Please write a summary of your week!

35 thoughts on “4A’s Journey to the UAE

  1. Great work 4A.You have gained so much.I am pleased to see you working as a team and having a opportunity to try a range of Arabian food.I am so proud.

  2. Great range of responses 4A!
    Well done you ALL made HUGE amounts of PROGRESS during this week :) Me and Mrs Sharma are overjoyed with your work and replies.

    Keep up the brilliant work :)

    (Remember to read over your work to make sure your writing makes sense)

  3. This week we were learning about the UAE .
    We did some food tasting here are some ,
    Examples dates and cheese , Piterbread
    , flafles ,and huomues. We had a opprunity to paint
    A silowet or to draw a silowet.

  4. This week I made lot of progress about the UAE. UAE is a very rich country because they have lot of oil which they trade with other countries and in return get lot of money. The seven emirates of UAE are Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwaim, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and the capital Abu Dhabi. World’s tallest building is in Dubai which is called as Burj Khalifa.

    I used my sketching skills to sketch skyline buildings and my mapping skills to find UAE on the map. I found out why strait of Hormuz is important using my research skills. The strait of Hormuz is important because it stores twenty percent of world’s total petroleum.

    The highlight of the week was when we had an Arabian dinner because it was really fun and I learnt about how Arabian’s have their dinner. They sit on floor and eat.

    Now I have learnt a lot about UAE(United Arab Emirates).

  5. I loved around the world week and learnt about so much because at first I did not know that the UAE even exists let alone the fact that it contains the world’s tallest building!
    I can name a few landmarks like the Burj Khalifa, Palm Island, Princess Tower and Dubai.
    My favourite thing was eating the cultural food, it taught me dates are actually VERY NICE (especially with cheese). You should have seen the amount of children who thought they won’t like dates but really did.
    The UAE has 7 emirates which include of Abu Dubai, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Qaiwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.

  6. This weak, I have learnt about the two tallest buildings that are Burj Khalifa and Princess Tower. What a strait means- a strait means a narrow passage of water connecting two seas or two other large areas of water, even I have improved on my mapping skills and locating is well because I got all mixed up of labelling but when I located the seven emirates I got the hang of the mapping, the ICT helped me with my computer and finally but not least tasting the food of the Arabic people.:)

  7. This week , i have learnt many things about the UAE such as : what food people eat , famous landmarks as well as the seven emirates. In the UAE , diferent cuisines include : rice , meat and fish ( these are traditional dishes ) chicken shawarma , fallafel and delious pitta bread . One seven emirates in the UAE , Dubai , holds the record for the tallest building in the world , the Burj Khalifa which is 728m tall . Also people who have lived in the UAE all of there lives would wear abayas and dish dashas . The UAE gets most of its most of its money from the strait of hormuz which supplies with more than 15 million barrel of oil everyday

  8. This week I hawe learnt of UAE
    of UAE food camels and falafel and camel meat
    of UAE biges buildings like first bigest is burj califa
    second is princess tower third bigest is marina
    of UAE sports like a foodball and tennis and temis
    of dress girls wear abaya and hijab boys wear dishdash

  9. The skills I have used are locating, creative thinking, anD sharing brilliant ideas.I leant about the uae and I now know a few Emirates. My favourite part of the week was collagein work to display around the school. The new vocabulary I have leant is abuia, duib, joundenJohnsen, osaan.

  10. This week I have learnt where all the emirates are located and I looked at the meaning of strait which is a narrow passage the connects to different seas or areas.the best part of the week is when I created a skyline with different colours such as orange yellow and red.the two seas are the Persian golf and the golf of Oman.

  11. This week has great I know what the seven emirates were is the seven emirates neo I know ver is seven emirates its is in the UAE. This week we teist UAE FOOD this week was fantastic I like this week.

  12. First I didn’t know what and where is the UAE but now I know what and where is the UAE.I enjoyed to write my name in Arabic because I don’t know how to write my name in Arabic.The activity I liked is to research one of the seven Emirates.I have learnt the popular foods in the UAE which are Falafel,Chicken Shwarma and Fish.Also I have leart that women wear a Abayas to cover thier body and men wear a Dish Dash.Even the capital is Abu Dhabi and the largest city is Dubai.

  13. My skill is;locating landmarks and I know a lot of capitals of the UAE,such as Dubai:Abu Dhabi.

    I had fun learning about it and love the topic we learnt this week.
    I hope we do something like this again.

  14. i learnt this week what abudubi is the cpital city of dubai.i did not know were dubai was on a map i know now how they eat dress and locate dubai and the united kindom on a map.

  15. This week i just knew a little bit but now i know all about it i know the seven eremites such as Dubai Abudhabi Ajman Sharjah Fujairah rasalkhaimah ummalqwaian

  16. This week I learnt the seven emirates which are Abu Dhabi,
    Dubai,Sharjah,Ajman,Umm Al Qaiwain,Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. Also I learnt what most women and men wear which are, abayas and dish-dashes. The tallest building in the UAE is Burj Khalifa and the second tallest building is Princess tower.
    I’ve progressed by using new vocabulary. The resources
    that I used were a atlas, a computer, an information text and Ipads. The skills I used were reasoning,sketching
    and researching skills. My best part was when I
    tasted the Arabic food because the falafel and the dates were delicious. Also liked when I sketched a tower in the UAE.

  17. The best part about this week is when I created an information text about UAE. The skills that I developed is locating skills because located what were the 7 emirates of UAE.I have learnt Burj khalifa is the tallest building.I enjoyed sketching a skyline because it was fun.I have learnt is rich because they do economic trade with oil,petrol and gold.The UAE sell oil,petrol and gold to rich countries because poor countries can’t afford it without money.The UAE sells goods to countries such as USA,Qatar,Luxembourg,San Marino and Canada.The 7 Emirates in the UAE are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah.

  18. This week I have been learning about the UAE which also stands for United Arabs Emirates. During this week, I have learnt that UAE people believe in Islam, I have learnt that in the UAE,people speak Arabic as well as I have learnt the currency which is Dirham. I have gained that Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. Burj Khalifa is located in Dubai. I sketched and painted a silhouette of UAE buildings. I also had an great opportunity to try some Arab food which was so yummy!! My favourite food was the Falafel and the dates which the cheese!! My favourite part this week, was when I tried some Arab food and my favourite part this week was when I painted and sketched the UAE buildings.
    The new vocabulary I have learnt is:
    Burj Khalifa
    Princess tower
    Burj al Arab

    Thank you very much Miss Ahmed and Mrs Sharma for a fun, exciting week!!

  19. I have achieved by learning to locate were the 7 Emirates in the United Arab Emirates are on a map and I know what the Emirates names are and one of the Emirates are called Dubai.I have achieved creating a silhouette and then adding
    skyline to it with a red affect going lighter.

    I have improved on my mapping skills because I can locate the 7 Emirates in the United Arab Emirates by using a map because at the start I couldn’t locate the 7 Emirates In the United Arab Emirates .I have improved on writing my name in Arabic the most because when I started writing are names in Arabic I struggled at first but at the end I wrote my name in Arabic.

    I have enjoyed going to the ICT sweep gathering In information from the computers to use in my poster and one peace of information was the capital city of the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi.I have enjoyed when we all got to taste Arab foods like falafel,cheese in dates and humuos and it all taste delicious.

    I have used my locating skill by finding in a atlas were in the world is the United Arab Emirates is In the world and the content it is in is Asia.I have used my sketching skills by sketching a silhouette.

  20. This week we have been learning about the united Arab Emirates. I real liked learning about the united Arab Emirates.I really loved learning about the seven Emirates because we got to search the Emirates and different countries.
    During week 6 we went to use the computers on the internet to search what types of clothes and food do they wear in the UAE.
    At first I didn’t know were the united arab emirates were but now I now it is in the middle East of Asia.

  21. This week we were learning about United Arab Emirates. I really enjoyed it because of the activities. My favourite part was when we found about the seven Emirates. First of all we were reaserching about it and we made lots of notes. Next we found on the atlas where UAE is and we did a information text. After on the Ipad we found the seven Emirates on the map. Then we sketched buildings of UAE and we even made silowet. Finally we ate arabic food which was delicous.

  22. During Week 6 which was around the world week I have been learning about the UAE which stands for United Arab Emirates.At first I didn’t know what was the UAE but now I know it is in the Middle East which is a part of Asia.Furthermore when I was learning about an Emirate I didn’t have a clue what it was but now I know that there are seven different emirates in the UAE such as Abu Dhabi which is the captial city and Dubai and many more.

    Morever the skills that I have used are my sketching skills to draw a skyline of a Dubai building and using my mapping skills to locate the UAE and to locate the seven different emirates.In addtion to that I have used my researching skills to find out about the UAE.

    My favourite part was the food tasting because I liked all the foods because they were so delicous but the one the stood out for was the dates and the grated cheese put into the dates but I thought it would be disgusting but I got proved wrong.

  23. This week I have learnt about the U.A.E which stands for the United Arab Emirates. I learnt what clothing, buildings and food are in the U.A.E. In the U.A.E, there are seven different Emirates(cities) including Abu-Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Ras Al Khaima and Sharjah. Burj Khalifa(Khalifa Tower) in Dubai is the tallest tower in the world. I also located the U.A.E and the seven Emirates on a map and I found the surrounding countries which are Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman.Similar to the Gulf countries,the weather in U.A.E is hot and dry and mostly the temperature is very high. The U.A.E is rich because of the oil and it produces lots of barrels every day.Every year people from all over the world come to visit the UAE for different reasons such as work and tourism.I learnt that Durham is the official currency in the UAE. The living costs such as accommodation are extremely expensive. I used many skills in my work such as shading, sketching, drawing, writing and colouring .The U.A.E flag is red , green, white and black.My favourite part was when I sketched a building in the U.A.E and tasted Arabic food like humus, dates, spices and pitta bread.

  24. This week has been fantastic!, I especially enjoyed sketching our Dubai skylines because it was so much fun.
    I equally enjoyed tasting the Arabian food because all the foods tasted fantastic. I have learnt where the UAE is located and where the seven emirates are found.

  25. I learn this week UAE is a country and ther are seven emirates.The firs most popular bulding is in UAE Bury Khalifa.I enjoy the most is when I was makeing a skylaine.

  26. what i learnt:

    I have learnt that the UAE has pitta bread and hummus also
    there in the cointent asia. The UAE has the bigest buiding buirg khalifi.

  27. This week has been great because we located the seven Emirates. The first most popular building in UAE is burj khalifa and the second most popular building in UAE is princess tower.We sketched skylines and then we shaded them.At last we tasted some Arabic foods.My favourite part was the Arabic food taste because I liked the falafel.
    Thank you Miss Ahmad and Mrs Sharma for fantastic lesson.

  28. Wow 4A, I loved this video! you are very lucky to have Miss Ahmed and Mrs Sharma as your teachers because they put together a fantastic and exciting week of learning. Miss Ahmed your display looks OUTSTANDING!.

  29. This is a super video that presents the wide array of learning that has happened in 4A. You are very lucky children to be doing such exciting things. Well done Miss Ahmed and Mrs Sharma.

  30. The skills I have developed are my mapping skills and my researching skills,the main highlight of the week was the UAE. Before I didn’t even know what the UAE meant let alone know anything about it, I know it stands for United Arab Emirates. I have enjoyed sketching buildings and make a sunset or sunrise on top of the town and buildings;I know that the tallest building in the world is in Dubai which is one of the seven Emirates. The building is called Burg khalifa and the second tallest building is called Princess Tower, also in Dubai. On Friday we had the opportunity to have a taste of a mixture of Arabian food.

  31. This week has been great I didn’t know what the seven emirates were on the other hand now My favourite part this week was food tasting the best food was the dates and cheese in with it

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