4R Art week. David Hockney

Wow what a super week it has been!

Watch the video below displaying some aspects of this week’s learning adventure. Please share a comment about a new skill you have developed and what you enjoyed during the week.

Also keep an eye out for the awesome art display which will be created with your work. 

20 thoughts on “4R Art week. David Hockney

  1. I loved learning about David Hockney and I really enjoyed learning lots of new creative helpful art skills👄🐷🐷🐬🍉🍒🍕🍧

  2. I enjoyed designing our puzzle from pic-collage because you had to take 6 pictures an put them together and it’s just like a puzzle.I also enjoyed learning a new skethching skill that’s cross hatching and its areally good skill.

  3. A new skill I learnt is cross hatching. Using this skill, I shaded in a picture of a tree. I enjoyed making the emojis from play dough.

  4. I enjoyed researching about David Hockney who was born in Bradford and went to school in Bradford. He was an artist and lot of people got inspired by him.He helped to develop our skills by making use of his art.
    It was very interesting!

  5. I enjoyed using little pic collage to create a whole picture by using pic collage and I made the puzzle up.I also enjoyed when we made the displays and Sketching the tree.

    It was so fun!

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