4R Tuesday 12th May – Home Learning – English

Today, we will start our new unit of work. Over the next few weeks, we will look at information texts. These will help use with our end outcome, to write an information text about The Tudors, which is our Topic learning. The thing that we must ensure our information is in the past tense as these will be historic information texts.

These are the two texts we will look at today. First, before you do anything, read them both.

Text 1
Text 2

Firstly, I want you to look at the features of information texts. A good information text will have lots of the required features, but not always all of them. Below, I have highlighted the key features that are in the 1st text.

Which features of an information text does Text 2 have? Make a list of the features.

Write a paragraph to compare (how are they similar) the texts, and a paragraph to contrast (how they are different). Remember to include your opinion on the facts and style of the text. Use the openings below to help start your sentences.

As with
In addition

In contrast
On the other hand

Both of these texts were made for Year 4 children to help them learn about events in Tudor times. Explain which text you think is the most effective for its target audience.

In you explanation you need to use causal language. Use the words below to help you with this.

Causal and Contrasting Conjunctions [Year 4] | Teaching Resources

19 thoughts on “4R Tuesday 12th May – Home Learning – English

  1. Bronze
    Heading/ title
    Opening statement organised into paragraphs
    Past tense
    Technical vocabulary
    As with text one, text two has a heading, opening statemens, information organised into paragraphs, past tense and pictures. Text one and text two are also similar because Elizabeth I was queen at time in both texts. The texts both talk about Sir Francis Drake and how he captured Spanish ships.
    In contrest text two has maps and technical vocabulary but doesn’t have captions whereas text one does. Another difference is text one is about Spanish Armada and text two is about Tudor explorers.

  2. BRONZE:
    Text 2 includes:
    – Heading/title
    – Opening statement
    – Descriptive information set in paragraphs
    – Past tense
    – Maps and images.

    In text 1 and 2 ,there is a heading/title.They both have an opening statements. Similarly, they both are organised in paragraphs. They also are both written in past tense.However text 2 has technical vocabulary whereas text on does not.Text 1 does not have captions.
    In conclusion, these text are similar.

  3. Bronze:
    Which features of an information text does Text 2 have? Make a list of the features.
    – Heading Titles
    – Opening Paragraph
    – Descriptive Information
    – Maps and Pictures

  4. Bronze
    heading/ subtitle/ captions
    The Tudors were meanest of all was king Henry the eighth he cruel and harsh he had a son called Edwards but very sadly he died at the age of 15 and was king Edward at-the age of 9
    I think its text 2 because it has powerful language.

  5. Bronze
    It has a heading,subtitle,captions,
    The tudors were mean the mean of all was
    Henry the eighth he was very cruel he had a son called edward. Poor edward was died at 15 he was king at 9.
    I say text 1 for this reason because it has the most key features

  6. Which features of an information text does Text 2 have? Make a list of the features.
    – heading/title
    – opening paragraph
    – descriptive information in paragraphs
    – maps
    – pictures

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