Today, 4Red explored how the planet around us is changing.

  1. List three ways that you can be a better citizen.
  2. What is Greenpeace?
  3. Why is it important to protect ecosystems?
  4. How does plastic impact the lives of marine wildlife?


  1. 1. Greenpeace is a company that takes care of a sea life creatures is important to protect eco systems because we need food and water
    3. Don’t kill them

  2. I can be a better citizen by taking the rubbish out of the ocean,make people stop over fishing and stop oil leaks.🐢🦅🦆🦈🐟🐬

    Greenpeace is a community that helps sea life.🐅🐆🐢🦈

    It is important to protect ecosystems because every part of the world is something to us.🌳🐒

    Cara &Marcel
    It harms wild life because the animals try to eat them and they get stuck in them.🐠🦈🐳🐬🐢🐊

  3. We be can a better citizen by not wasting papers and no thowing litter .

    2. Greenpeace is an organise group to protect the ocean 🌊 and forest 🌲

    3. It is important to protect because the are going to die

  4. I can be a better citizen by telling the people to stop cutting trees
    Greenpeace is a group of people that help animals
    It is important that we can protect the homeless and poor animals and stop cutting the trees from them
    Plastic can effect the animals from the ocean

  5. 1.We can be better citizens by not over fishing.
    2.By recycling plastic bottles.
    3.By not chopping down trees.

    What is Greenpeace?
    A company that looks after wildlife.

    3.So we can eat.
    So we can breathe.
    So we can live.

    4.Sea creatures are getting trapped in plastic.

    By Ryan and Bogdan.

  6. I can be a good citizen by making people stop littering
    Greenpeace is a group of people that save wildlife
    Because animals need it for a home and food
    It can damage maring life

  7. We can be a better citizen by
    Using both sides of paper,
    Use your own plastic bags and recycle them,
    Also to not throw litter in the ocean.

    Greenpeace is a group of people who defend climate change and help not to throw litter in the sea and they defend oil leaks because that can kill marine life.

    It is important to protect our eco systems because we get oxygen from trees so don’t cut trees down and we get fresh fruit and we are lucky to get drinking water.

    It impacts marine life by plastic getting stuck in their body so like their legs and arms so that means they can not move so their enermy might come and kill

  8. 1. We can be a good citizen by not littering, using both sides of the paper and don’t use plastic straws.

    2. Greenpeace are an organisation who look after wildlife and care of them.

    3.It is is important to protect eco-system because you will make people homeless, they provide us food and water and they also give us oxegyn.

    4. Plastic kills loads of marine life and pollutes the ocean.

  9. 1.We can be a better citizen by:
    Not be wasteful when it comes to paper,
    Do not buy plastic straws,
    2.Green peace is an organisation who take care of marine and wild life.
    3.It is important to look after the ecosystem because if any part of it was damaged the humans and animals wouldn’t have any food,any oxygen and no home.
    4.It impacts them because when they go in to plastic they cant get out and they die.
    By Hishaam and Tahseen.

  10. 1. You can be a better citizen by not using straws or any other plastic.
    Also,if you do happen to use any plastic,you could at least reuse it!
    Oh,and buy sustainable food

    2. Greenpeace is an organisation trying to stop climate change,protect forests,stop oil leaks and stopping people from littering in the sea.

    3. It is important because first of all,trees give us oxygen and ponds give us water(also for animals!)

    4. It affects our marine life since they aren’t the smartest of animals,they get stuck in the plastic easily and it’s like impossible for them to escape.

  11. 1. Don’t waste paper because people are cutting down trees and you might not have enough oxagan .
    Don’t use plastic straws and plastic bags .
    Buy sustainable food .
    2. Greenpeace is a organisation trying to save wild lifes .
    3. It is important to protect eco systems because it gives us water , oxagan and food .
    4. It affects the marine life the animals in the ocean are getting stuck from the plastic

  12. 1.Stop using plastic
    Stop using plastic bags
    Stop over fishing

    2. Greenpeace is a organised group of people who save the eviourment

    3. Because things can die from no eco system (their home)

    4. Plastic can suffer ate the sea animals

  13. I can be a better citizen by telling people to stop overfishing.
    I can be a better citizen by helping sea creatures.
    I can be a better citizen by telling the people to stop being greed.

    Greenpeace is a invionment that helps the sea creatures.

    It is important because we need the oxygen.

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