Miss Ahmed’s reading club homework (week4)

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  1. Why had Albert’s mother decided they had to move to the town?
  2. Why was Albert nicknamed Twiddler?
  3. Where did Albert go to try to hide from the other children?
  4.  Why did Albert smile and laugh some have at his new school?
  5. How do you dribble a ball?
  6.  Why did Sid tell his friends to watch while he told Albert the story about his father?


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  1. 1) Albert moved to town because his mum found an workplace over there.
    2) His nickname twiddled because every time he gets nervous he twiddled his hair.
    3) he hid behind the bike shed from the other children.
    4) Albert smiled and laughed at all of the jokes because he wanted to make friends.
    5) kicking to the other foot constantly.
    6) because they thought that Albert believes anything they told him.
    From Aleem📗📓⚽️😉🙃🤑

    • Really nice to see you completing your homework Aleem! Good answers, you are definitely making progress this half term. Remember reading is fun!

  2. 1] Alberts mother found work in the town.
    2] He twiddled a lot when he is nervous.
    3] Behind the bike shed in the playground.
    4] Albert wants to please everyone.
    5] Repeat kicking the ball to the other feet.
    6] Because Sid discovered that Albert believes almost anything told to him.

  3. Albert moved to town because his mum found work in the town.
    Albert was twiggleng with his hair when he is nervous.
    He hid in the shed.
    He wanted to have friends.
    You kicket to the another

  4. 1.Albert moved to town because his mum found work in the town.
    2.Albert’s nickname was twiggles because he twiggles his hair.
    3.Albert hid in behind the bike shed.

  5. 2.Albert’s nickname was twiddled because he twiddled whith his hair
    3.Albert hide behind the bike shed because children called him names
    4.Albert trusts everyone

  6. 1)Albert moved to town because his mum found work in the town.
    2)Albert ‘ s nickname was twiddled because he use to twiggle his hair when he was nervous.
    3)Albert hid behind the branches.
    4)Because his school was so big.

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