4Red: World War 2 artefacts.

This afternoon in 4red, we examined different artefacts from WW2. We had the opportunity to look at letters, ration books, satchels and evacuee labels. Having access to the resources was a great opportunity for the children to gain a deeper understanding as to what the war was like.

How would you feel if you were an evacuee?


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  1. I would be devastated if I was an evacuee although it was really healthy in WW2 but people can die in those days so I don’t want to live in those days it’s really dangerous living in those days in WW2

  2. If I was an evacuee I wold feel devastated and anxious because I would be taken away from my family and some or all of them might die.

    I got to touch all the artefacts and I even read some.

  3. I would feel Petrified because I would have to leave my family behind and nobody can cook in my family but my mum can and it will be sad to lose my mum,dad or my two brothers😣

  4. I would feel anxious to be an evacuees because I have to leave my family. Also what if I didn’t know what stage I was going to. So that would wory me most of the deadly times.

  5. I would feel petrified and heartbroken because Iam leaving my family and I wouldn’t know who I’m going to be with. I also will be scared because I wouldn’t k ow what to do.

  6. I would feel devastated , anxious and heartbroken because I would have to leave my family and I would have to leave everything behind .

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