4Red: WW2 timeline.

This afternoon, the children in the 4Red created a timeline of WW2. The children worked brilliantly as a group, discussing and organising the events into chronological order. Working together, helped the children develop their communication and teamwork skills. I am so impressed, I can’t wait to see them use their skills in class.

Use the picture below to help you answer the questions.

  1. Name three countries involved in the war.
  2. What year did the war start ?
  3. What was rationing?






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  1. 1.Italy,Poland and Germany.
    2.It started in 1939.
    3.Rationing is when people in WW2 have to eat slowly or they would not have any food left over.

  2. Name 3 country’s that were involved in the war .
    Britain ,Germany and France
    What year did the war start ?
    The war had started in the year 1939
    What was rationing?
    Rationing was when people in the war gave different and certain foods during world
    war 2.

  3. 1.Name three countries involved in the war.
    It was England,Germany and France

    2.What year did the war start ?
    The war started in 1939 on the September

    3.What was rationing?
    Every American was issued a series of ration books during the war. The ration books contained removable stamps good for certain rationed items, like sugar, meat, cooking oil, and canned goods. A person could not buy a rationed item without also giving the grocer the right ration stamp

  4. 1. France, Engaland and Germany.
    2. The big war started in 1939.
    3. Rationing is where they give you some food then you have to live on that food on a week then you get more.

  5. 1. Countries involved in the war are France, England, Germany, Russia.
    2. The war started in 1939.
    3. Rationing is when you have a limited amount of stuff.