4W Art week !

This week the artists we have been learning about have been James Whistler and Georgia O’Keeffe. The children learnt lots of new skills, techniques and vocabulary related to the artists and created pieces of artwork in the style of James Whistler and Georgia O’Keeffe. Our video shows some of the fantastic pieces of artwork that the children have produced and highlights some of their great learning over the week.

Please answer the questions in the comments below:

1.What did you enjoy about this week?

2. Can you tell me one fact that you have learned about James Whistler or Georgia O’Keeffe?

3.What are you most most proud of after this week?

7 thoughts on “4W Art week !

  1. 1.I enjoyed making parody’s of James Whistler’s mother.
    2.Geogia O’Keeffe painted nature while James Whistler drawn people.
    3.I am most proud of my work because it was very nice.

  2. Question 1:
    I have enjoyed the part when we sketched our parody of Whistler’s Mother and sketched a flower.

    Question 2:
    James Whistler sketched people.
    Georgia O’Keeffe sketched nature.
    O’Keeffe was married to Alfred Stieglitz that was a famous photographer.
    After Whistler died the Great Depression happened after a lot of years later.

    Question 3:
    I am most proud of the way I did it 3D.

  3. 1.I enjoyed art week when we did the oil pastels and it was fun
    2.fact Georgia O’Keeffe was a famous artist
    Fact 2-she was blind when she was 90
    Fact 3-she has a husband and they sent 25,000 love letters to each other

  4. 1.What did you enjoy
    about this art week?
    I enjoyed when I sketched
    James Whistlers arrangement
    in black and white known as his mother.

    2.Can you tell me one fact
    about James Whistler or Georgia O’Keeffe
    James Whistler liked drawing people’s faces
    and Georgia O’Keeffe liked drawing nature
    and she liked drawing skyscrapers.

  5. 1. I enjoyed it when we drew our parade is Whistlers mothers because we drew it so funny.

    2. Georgia o’keeffe loved Alfred Stieglitz who was a American photographer sended more than 1,000 love letters because they were in love so much.

    3. I’m most proud of my shading because I tried hard, clearly and neatly.

  6. 1. I enjoyed drawing flowers in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe.

    2.I learnt that James Whistler was famous for drawing her mother because then in the depression it was a hard time for America and Whistler’s painting of his mother helped the children to not die and to help the mothers .

    O’keeffe liked painting nature that’s why she took private art lessons and at the age of twelve an famous artist inspired her to be one . She has six brothers and six sisters.

    3.I’m most proud of my blending because I did really well on it and I could improve on my my volcano background because I thought it was just purple because I wanted it to look colourful like using a variety of colours .

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