4W British Literary week !

This week has been British Literary week and we have been studying the book ‘The Story of the Windrush’ by K.N Chimbiri. We have learnt so much about the importance of the Windrush generation and their participation in rebuilding England after WW2, to the modern nation we now live in today. The children were captivated by the hard work and resilience black Caribbean colonial people showed when facing discrimination against them.

We also looked at; what British values were promoted in the story, analysed ‘Windrush child’ poem by John Agard, discussed different peoples perspectives who travelled on the Windrush, designed posters advertising colonials to come to England and developed many literacy skills in order to write a letter in the point of view of a child who is living in England after travelling on the Windrush.

Please watch the video below showcasing some of our fantastic learning: 


  1. What did you enjoy about British Literary week?
  2.  What did you like about ‘The Story of Windrush’ by K.N Chimbiri? Why?
  3. What British values should we always promote? Why?

12 thoughts on “4W British Literary week !

  1. What i enjoyed is when we got to write the letter to the child’s grandmother. Also i liked when the lord kitherner played the song called LONDON IS THE PLACE FOR ME!!!

  2. It is when we learned the 5 British Values and we know how to respect people and care for people and always follow the law and always follow the school rules .

    I liked about the story of the Windrush is when they came in England for a better life they like it in Jamaica because they did not want to live there in Jamaica they were so exited coming to England and when they arrived the buildings were callaped and that was in WW2 and they didn’t like it in England they missed Jamaica and they done a bad job but they got jobs when they grew up so they travelled for 1month and they don’t like England they didn’t want to live in England.

    I think we should show respect and work hard and you should show Tolerance and Individual Liberty and Democracy

  3. 1. I enjoyed when we write our letter to the windrush child’s grandmother.
    2. I liked when they let Sam King become the major because it shows democracy.
    3. We should always promote all of the British values. If we don’t no one will want to play with us or be our friends.

  4. 1. I enjoyed when we watched the video about a man reading ” Windrush child”.

    2. My favorite part of the story is at the end when white people found a way to respect dark-skinned people. This is a good thing that happened to all the people in Britain.

    3. We should follow all the British Values for our safety and happiness:
    rule of law
    individual liberty
    mutual respect
    tolerance of those who are different

  5. 1. I enjoyed when we did and advertisement to make people want to come on the wineries nd also I enjoyed writing my letter .

    2. I liked in the story when Sam became the mayor because democracy was shown and all the white people voted for him even though they were being faced because he was black and he got an award from the queen .

    3. The British values that should always been promoted is all of them because all of them should be promoted .

  6. 1. My favourite part is when we wrote a letter to the Windrush child’s grandma/grandad.

    2. I liked the bit when the Jamaicans were being kind and tolerant when the British were being racist and intolerant.

    3.I think we should be tolerant and respectful to all people of different faiths and beliefs even different skin colour.


  7. I enjoyed British Literary week because we got to read a book about a child who travelled on a ship called the Empire Windrush he travelled from Jamaica to England and England was his mother country but as soon as he arrived in England the people were being racist to him all because of his skin colour. Even when he tried to offered a house they wouldn’t let him and put him in tunnels to sleep in and live in.

  8. 1.I enjoy when we read the windrush child book.
    2.that you should not bully another kid.
    3.follow the rules beuse if you don’t follow the rules you will go to the

  9. 1. My favourite part of project week was when we wrote our amazing letters to the child’s grandma in awe-strickening awesome and great Jamaica 🇯🇲 It was extremely fun !

    2 . I liked the story of the windrush because it was utterly captivating and exciting, I also liked the story when it tries to teach not to be racist and be really resilient. It is a awe – strickening story.

    3 . To be respectful to other people’s opinions and traditions because it is very kind to be respectful.

  10. 1. I enjoyed it when we planned our letter and when we wrote our letter to the Windrush child’s grandma or grandpa.

    2. I liked K.N Chimbiri’s book because it tells us the journey of the black peoples problem so racism with the white people. I also like it because it tells us not to be racist to others just because of their religion,skin colour, faiths and beliefs because it hurts other people’s feelings and you should think before you do things otherwise they willespond back to you.

    3. The British value we should always promote should be Tolerance because if your friend for an example has a different belief you shouldn’t make fun of it because that’s being racist and it’s the same if you make fun of their religion and faith because your not showing respect and you are being racist.

  11. 1.What did you enjoy about British literary week?
    I enjoyed when we were learning about the British
    Empire and how they ruled a quarter of the world.

    2.What did you like about ‘The story of the Windrush’ by K.N Chimbiri?
    I liked the bit were the Jamaicans were tolerant even though the British were intolerant.

    3.What British values should we always promote?
    I think we should always promote tolerance because we
    should always be tolerant of those with different faiths and beliefs

  12. What I enjoyed in British literary week, was when we wrote the letter to granddad/grandmum. This is because we improved even more on it which is called editing.

    The thing I liked about the story of the Windrush is when lord kitchener was playin LONDON IS A PLACE FOR ME!! This is because it made the carribeans even more happier.

    The British value we should always promote is the individual liberty because if you listen are follow the law then you can do what you like at least you are following the law.

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