4W Tuesday 12th May – Home Learning – English

Today, we will start our new unit of work. Over the next few weeks, we will look at information texts. These will help use with our end outcome, to write an information text about The Tudors, which is our Topic learning. The thing that we must ensure our information is in the past tense as these will be historic information texts.

These are the two texts we will look at today. First, before you do anything, read them both.

Text 1
Text 2

Firstly, I want you to look at the features of information texts. A good information text will have lots of the required features, but not always all of them. Below, I have highlighted the key features that are in the 1st text.

Which features of an information text does Text 2 have? Make a list of the features.

Write a paragraph to compare (how are they similar) the texts, and a paragraph to contrast (how they are different). Remember to include your opinion on the facts and style of the text. Use the openings below to help start your sentences.

As with
In addition

In contrast
On the other hand

Both of these texts were made for Year 4 children to help them learn about events in Tudor times. Explain which text you think is the most effective for its target audience.

In you explanation you need to use causal language. Use the words below to help you with this.

Causal and Contrasting Conjunctions [Year 4] | Teaching Resources

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  1. Bronze:
    1)The features of text 2 has sub-headings,paragraphs,diagrams,title and technical vocabulary.

    1)Text 1 has sub-headings in addition text 2 has also got sub-headings.Unlike text 2 text 1 has got captions.Text 1 has got technical vocabulary as with does text 2.I think text 1 is different to text 2 because in text 1 it added a did you know box however text 2 does not have a did you know box.

    1)I think text is the most effective for it’s target audience for this reason because it has more diagrams to help the reader understand and imagine what it was like.

  2. Bronze
    -Opening statement
    -Descriptive information organized into paragraphs
    -Past tense
    – Pictures
    – Technical vocabulary
    The similarities between text 1 and text 2 are they both have a heading, opening statements, organized paragraphs and both have pictures. However the difference between both texts is that text 2 has a map and technical vocabulary but doesn’t have captions like text 1.


    1] Similarities:
    In text one it says that the England was spending money on developing of English Navy and tried to fight Spanish Armada. Similarly in text two it says that there was a battle between England Pirate and Spanish ships. In addition, in text one it says that Sir Francis Drake who was brilliant seller of England, destroyed Spanish ships and battled them. Likewise in text two it says Sir Francis Drake’s raided Spanish ships and successfully battled against Spanish helped England became a major sea power.

    2] Differences:
    In text one it says that England was preparing to fight Spanish Armada, however in text two it says that England was trying to explore cost of Africa, Asia and America through the land of Portugal and Spain. In text one it says about the Tudor reign of Henry VIII and King Philip of Spain. In contrast, in text two it is only talking about the reign of Elizabeth I .

      • Similarities
        Text one and text two have heading, subheading, pictures, paragraphs and descriptive information. Similarly both texts have past tenses,diagrams,opening statements and maps.


        Text one has captions, technical vocabulary, text box and information organised clearly. In contrast text two doesn’t have any caption and text boxes.

  4. Bronze
    Opening statement
    Descriptive information organised into paragraph
    Past tense

    Text one is longer then text two but both are about history.

  5. bronze
    1 it has a headline and a title-Tudor explorer
    2 it is giving us the accounts of the 15th century
    3 in the first paragraph, it starts with an opening statement-The golden age of exploration began in the 15th century
    4 it has descriptive information organised into paragraphs have subtitles
    5 it is written in the past tense because it is historic
    6 it has pictures, diagrams and maps
    7 no captions
    8 technical vocabulary
    text 1 have pictures just like text 2. Text 2 has technical vocabulary unlike text 1 that has none.text 2 and 1 both are very informative and are telling allot about the Tudor period. text 2 has a big paragraph about a person called Sir Francis Drake however text 1 that has several paragraphs about the Spanish armada.
    I think that text 2 is better for me because it is easy for me to understand and does not have that many complicated words so , for this reason, I would use text 2. Due to the fact that I don’t like an explanation with lots of complicated would use text 2. For a result, I would use text 2 Because it is short easy to read and has a whole paragraph with fun facts! therefore I would use text 2 and consequently recommend text 2 for year 4

    • Great answers Iqra! What could be added to improve a text that has lots of technical vocabulary that the reader might not understand?
      sp. a lot about the Tudor period

    In text 2 there are :
    * Headings
    * Subheadings
    * Fun Facts
    * Historical Detail
    The same similarities of text 1 and text 2 is that it’s about the Tudors and the Spanish army however there are bit of changes in these information texts.
    The differences of these information texts is that it’s about different things like Sir Fransis Drake and that it has different detail about them
    My opinion on which text is the best is text 1 because it has more detail and more features and that is about 2-3 subjects and there are more detail in each paragraph

  7. Bronze
    Caption picture
    Facts box
    In text one it is not colourful in text it is colourful The similarly is it is the same text some words are different to others however it has the same fact box

  8. Bronze
    Heading title
    Pictures and caption
    Fun facts
    The are similar because the both talk about the same things an the talk about the Tudor time
    They are different because text 1 is longer and has more pictures and captions and a lot more facts
    In my opinion I would prefer text 2 because if you would get lost on text 1 it would be harder to find the word you were on that is because text 2 is more neatly spread out also text 2 because the words are more simple to read and you won’t have to every 5 minutes get up and say miss I need help to pronounce this word

  9. Silver
    In text one there are pictures likewise in text two .
    In addition to text two there are captions with each pictures.
    Similary in text one and text two both have a heading /title and an opening statements. Both
    Text one and two equally describe about previous history . In text one there are a fun fact as with text two there is a did you know paragraph.
    Like text one, text two also talks about past tense.
    In text 1 the layout is landscape where as in text two it is a portrait.
    Unlike text one text two doesn’t have a map, on the other hand text two have captions with pictures.
    In text one there are two pictures however in pictures two there are three pictures.
    In text 1 the opening statement is written during the region of Queen Elizabeth the first however in contrast text two is written during the region of King Henry VIII.

    • Excellent use of comparative language Yahya!
      Why do you think these features are effective? Which of the two texts did you find the most informative? Why?

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