4W – Tuesday 19th May – Home Learning – English

Today’s work is all about the paragraphs you wrote about Tudors over the past few days. You are going to draw pictures and write captions for them.
You will need a minimum of 1 picture for each subheading that relates to the information, each with a caption to explain what the picture is about. The pictures could be maps, diagrams or images of Tudor times.

If you remember, last week I wrote a paragraph from notes I made about Tudor food.

I now need to think about a picture that I could have for the subheading. I found an image and drew it on paper. I have also added a caption (typed so it is easy to read) to say what it is about.

Essay: Alehouses in Tudor Times : Page 1
Because water was unsafe to drink, alehouses became popular. They were similar to a pubs we have nowadays.

You will notice that the caption is not a repeat of something in my paragraph, in fact it gives the reader a new piece of information relating to something in the paragraph.

This is your task today. To draw and write a caption for at least one picture for each paragraph of your information text. If you want to do more, that is up to you.

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    • They are excellent Yahya! Lovely detail. I have added them to our class blog. Keep checking in on padlet to see what your friends have been up to!

    • Okay Abdirahman- check the blog at the top of the 4W page and try logging into the padlet page, here you can post a photo of your picture and caption. Or, ask an adult to email it in.

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