Year 4- Learning about World war two

Today we walked into Coventry City Centre to visit the Transport museum and the Coventry Cathedral. As part of our English work on historical settings, we wanted to learn more about the Second world war and in particular, The Coventry Blitz.

What was the Coventry Blitz? When did it take place?

What did you learn about the old cathedral in Coventry? How did the Blitz experience make you feel? Tell me what you have learnt from this visit?

Please see our video made by Hassan and Maleeha.

12 thoughts on “Year 4- Learning about World war two

  1. If I was in the Blitz I would see broken/exploded houses and injured people and feel shocked.😨😰😱I would try to help the injured people and get them to the anderson shelter.😌😇😌😇

  2. The Blitz is when the people from Germany decided to bomb Coventry Cathedral. I learnt that Germany bad to give En gland 60 million pounds to fix the Cathedral. The shelter protected the civillians from the war.

  3. 1. The Coventry blitz were a time where people went under shelters for 11 hours
    2. I Learnt where King Henry the 6th stood
    3. Sad
    4.i learnt that in world war 2 people had to suffer if they had babies.

  4. 1.The Blitz is when the Germans decided to bomb Coventry.
    2.It started on the 7th of September 1940.
    3.I learnt that the Cathedral peas bombed in WW2.
    4.The Blitz made me feel horrified and terrified.
    5.I learnt that the Cathedral was in the WW2.

  5. A dolphins Hitler decided to bomb Coventry because we were really rich and we had cars but in the war Germany surrended and Hitler injured him self because he did bad things.

  6. 1. Blitz means when a military war
    2. It made my feelings feel very terrified because bombs were dropping down. If I was there I wouldn’t have a home left I would of
    seen brocken down houses lots of people that were injured.
    3.The Coventry blitz was like series of bombing Germans plans coming towards England.

  7. 8 January, 2016 at 12:16 pm
    It took place in 1940 Coventry blitz was bombed in Coventry. We learnt that it was bombed at the cathedral and mostly in the city centre.I felt scared frightened because the part where it made the siren sound. Priya and rudaba

  8. 1) The Coventry blitz was the time were people had to stay in their shelters for 11 hours. Blitz was the air attacks.
    2) It started on the 14th of November 1940.
    3) The most interesting thing was when we saw the different types of aeroplanes in the war.
    By Alisha and Hafsah.

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