4White- Notice for trip on Tuesday 24th November 2015

4White, we have an exciting opportunity for you to visit and learn new knowledge about where our food comes from.
On Tuesday  24th November, children will be taken on public buses, (which have been paid for) to Tesco (Ricoh Arena).

The aim of this exciting learning opportunity is for children to understand where our food comes from, different types of food and children will have a chance to visit behind the scenes of the bakery and storage rooms of Tesco!

Children will be leaving schools at 8.45 and therefore need to be in class by 8.30.
We expect ALL children to attend breakfast club on this day, to ensure children are here on time.

Trip information
Time: 8.00am-11.30pm
Lunch: Same as normal as we will be back to school for lunch.
Free trip for children!


If you would like to find out more about the farm to fork project, follow the link below.


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