4White- Summarising

When you summarise you include the main points and it is generally short.

Look at the passages below. Select a passage and summarise it.

Passage 1: There was once a wicked demon who made a magic mirror. This mirror made everything good look twisted and ugly. Anything bad looked even worse. “It’s a fine mirror,” snarled the Demon’s students. “Lets show it off to the angels. ”Flapping their leathery wings, they flew up… and up… until… SMASH.

Passage 2: Inside the cold, empty hall, Kay was puzzling over the Snow Queen’s challenge. He sat still thinking hard… so still that he seemed frozen stiff. And that was how Gerda found him, when she appeared moments later.

Passage 3: “Mmm…” said an old robber woman, grabbing Gerda. “She looks tastier than the carriage. Let’s eat her!” But, as she raised her knife, something sprang up and bit her ear. It was the daughter of the chief robber- and she always got her own way.

Passage 4: As they played, a dazzling white sleigh rode into the square. Its driver was dressed in white from her fur hat to her pointed boots. Everyone but Kay ran away. He shouted, “This looks fun!” and tied his sled to the snow- white sleigh.

6 thoughts on “4White- Summarising

  1. They played,a dazzling white sleigh rode in the town.The driver dressed in white from her spiked boots.Everyone but Kay ran away.He shouted, this looks fun and tied the sled to the White sleigh.

  2. Passage 4:
    They’re were playing ,a dazzling white sleigh rode in.The driver was dressed in white.Everyone ran but Kay.He shouts Its fun.He tied his sled on queen leg.

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