4White- What is the mysterious pointing finger?

4 White are learning about Albrecht Durer during Art week. We have been looking at a famous pipointing fingerece called ‘Hand with pointed finger’.

What do you think the pointing finger represents? What might it be pointing at?

Use your imagination to think above and beyond.

Please share a detailed response. Treats will be given to the most inspirational, adventurous and exciting ideas.


39 thoughts on “4White- What is the mysterious pointing finger?

  1. 1. It might be ponting at one of his best panting becace he a artist
    2.I think he panted this so people can see his panting and talent
    3.I think it Dure’s hand
    4.i think he look a picture to show the other people

  2. 1 The hand is elbrech dürer ‘s.
    2 His not pointing he might be putting his finger out so rain can go on it .
    3 His palm of his hand is facing upwards because they might have done that back in the years.
    4 He might of saw it in Venice in Italy and decided to paint it really neatly and lightly.

  3. I think this hand is pointing at gold because his dad was a gold smith I think he ponting the pond because they mites the Dukes might swimming

  4. The pointing finger is pointing at his picture with him and his wife and the baby.
    I think it is a women’s hand.He is pointing Because he showing his painting’s.

  5. 1. I think Albrecht dürer went to a big hill and saw all of Nuremberg but he saw some thing mysterious like a bank exploding .
    2.He saw crash of a car in to a house and point at it.
    3.He could of saw some thing in the sky like a airplane out of control.
    4 He must of saw some ones hand and sketched in.

  6. I think that the person must’ve saw on of the most inspirational sight ever so he pointed at It.
    The person’s hand must’ve had a infected palm so he pointed with his palm facing upwards.
    Albrecht Durer must’ve found it interesting how he tried to points so he sketched the hand.
    I think that he was in another country with his art pad and sketched it.

  7. I think that the pointing finger represents a symbol. It might be pointing at something special. Albrecht durer might have painted it because probably he likes painting pictures of hands.The person’s Palm is pointing upwards because he might have painted it the wrong way.

  8. I think this is pointing at something interesting.
    It might be pointing at somebody.
    Albrecht Durer grew up with 14 or13 siblings.
    He’s a outstanding artist.
    Durer is a really awesome realistic drawings.

  9. I Think the the amazing picture will be pointing at a child and the words to go with it might be ” do your best piece of work and don’t talk.”. Albretch durer might of drawn this incredible piece of artwork about a strict teacher. During his life, I think he took roughly 2days to draw the picture. I think the terific artist turned the hand to make it look more interesting . He might have wanted to add more hand pictures to his collection of 2 hand pictures. He’s an outstanding artist.

  10. 1.The pointing finger is pointing at were he was born from and there is something mysterious happening there.2.The pointing finger means from where he was born.

  11. 1. I think it repersents he put in a lot of details in his work to show other people he is a great artist and represents he has skills
    2. I think It might be pointing to another piece of his art work, of his family and It might be pointing to himself.

  12. 1. It can represent a person has found something and he was pointing at lt so he drew it.
    2. A big man pointing at the sparkling floor .
    He can be drawing somebody’s Hand upside down.
    He could of drawn somebody pointing a thief.
    He could drawn somebody on a aeroplane pointing downward.

  13. 1.I think it represents to do something new.
    2.I think this person is pointing underground to mine to find precious gold and diamonds.
    3.This hand belongs to a man.
    4.his palm might pointing upward it made had a operation.
    5.i think Durer painted this because he likes it.

  14. The mystery finger represents anger and mystery!
    The mystery finger is pointing at a mischievous boy.or the pointing finger is pointing
    At a miserable thief.or the pointing finger is pointing at a fantastic piece of albhert durer.

  15. The hand might be pointing at Italy.
    Durer painted the pointed finger because when he went to Italy he went to a big building and saw a picture of a hand and he drawed a picture of the hand.
    I think the hand is a girl hand.

  16. It represents mystery .
    It might be pointing at a painting.
    I think it’s a mans hand.
    His palm is facing upward because his finger might be broken.
    Albrecht durer painted this to get people Attention.

  17. 1.I think some one else is showing there hand and he sketched it.
    2.its a mans hand.
    3.dure painted this because It’s a bit exiting.
    4.because that was easer for him to sketch.

  18. 1. I think the finger represents durer pointing at a really expensive jewellery.
    2. His palm might be upwards because when you point with your hand it’s downwards so when you look under it will look like the picture of the pointing finger.
    Albrecht might have painted this to inspire people so they will love art.
    It might be his fathers hand or it might be his grand fathers hand his painted be his grand father was a printer.He might be trying to tell people how amazing art is so he painted it.

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