*5 a-side Football Tournament*

During the Summer Fair last Saturday (06/06/15), myself and Mr Mountford held a 5 a-side Football Tournament for years 5 and 6. We had 8 teams of 5, and some classes had reserves just in case extra players were needed. All the teams were chosen beforehand, which gave children time to prepare, sort out positions and tactical play.

Our footballers were told to arrive at 12pm, get into their teams, and put on their team colours. All match-ups were selected at random which meant every team faced each other in no particular order. We had two 5 minute matches on simultaneously, where the teams played for points: 3 points for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for a loss. The 4 teams with the most points went through to the semi-finals (SFs), and the winning teams from the SFs faced each other in the final!

We witnessed some amazing motivation, team work, encouragement, football skills and overall team spirit, and I am proud to say that the Tournament as a whole was a huge success. Well done to everyone who participated, the supporters who cheered for their class/team mates, and a special thank you to those who took part to even out the teams when we were missing some players.

All of our talented footballers received a Football certificate for their outstanding performance and contribution to their 5 a-side team, our winning team received a ‘5 a-side Tournament Winner’ certificate and we named one player as our ‘Player of the Tournament’ for his outstanding performance, refereeing, commitment and contribution to the 5 a-side teams that he played for.

Congratulations everyone, and a huge thank you for making this Tournament as fantastic and fun as it was.

Miss Bhandal and Mr Mountford :)

Here we have some action shots from Saturday, and more importantly, photos of our awesome footballers! Thank you Theo!




Rayne (Player of the Tournament)

Rayne (Player of the Tournament)


30 thoughts on “*5 a-side Football Tournament*

  1. Thank you Miss.Bhandal and Mr.Mountford for arranging the tournament and felt really competitive when we were playing.Also I want to say well done to everyone who took part in it.

    • You’re very welcome Junior, I feel so privileged that I get to watch some truly amazing football! You contributed a lot to your team and you thoroughly deserved to be the Tournament winners. Congratulations :)

    • And a huge well done to you Natalia for being the only member of your team to show up, this shows super commitment from you and you did a great job playing with other players. :)

  2. the football tournament was really fun and I enjoyed facing other people. To be honest it was kind of hard facing against other opponents because they played brilliantly. From AYUB KHAN :)

    • I agree Ayub, there weren’t any easy wins of any of the teams. They fought hard for their points, and to have a couple of penalty shootouts determine the winners shows us just how close the matches were. Any team could’ve won the Tournament! :)

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