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5 Blue – Art week

Hello 5 Blue,

This week we have been learning about an artist called ‘Andy Warhol’.  Me and Mr Janjua are very proud of the wonderful art work you have produced.  Watch the video below and tell me what have you enjoyed about this week and an interesting fact about Andy Warhol.

9 thoughts on “5 Blue – Art week

  1. 1) I really enjoyed art week and my favourite part was when we got to do the canfidence adverts because it was so fun and we could all work as a team.

    2)Andy Warhol was the youngest of 3 brothers and when he had a disease called Korea he went to bed and when he was in bed his mother gave him some paper and a pencil so he could start to draw and when he started drawing he did some amazing drawings and decided to become an artist.

  2. Fantastic Pop Art 5 Blue! You’ve captured the spirit of that art movement, with its bright, bold colours and references to popular culture. Well done! You’ve made a great start to Year 5 and I’m very proud of you. Keep it up! Mr M.

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