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5 Blue First Aid Training

Today 5 Blue got the opportunity to learn about first aid. They learned how to help and save a life. There was some great team work and questioning. Simon was very impressed with some of answers the children gave. Well done for representing Broad Heath.

What did you learn?

What is the number to call for emergency?

What do you do if you see someone unconscious?

What did you ink of the training?

Well done Year 5

4 thoughts on “5 Blue First Aid Training

  1. I learned that you should never call 999 if it’s not an emergency. The number for emergency is 999. If someone is unconscious you should shout for help and see if they are breathing. I think the training was good.

  2. I learnt that it is dangerous to dial 999 if it is not an emergency because there could be someone who is not getting the help that they need in a real situation because the paramedic is dealing with a fake emergency.If you see that someone is unconscious the first thing you should do is think about your safety first then you check if they are breathing by putting your ear near the mouth and seeing if their tummy is moving up and down.After that you dial the training I thought it was fun.

    Thank you

  3. I learnt that you should never call 999 unless it is an emergency. And if you were just being silly then you might have killed someone. If someone chokes then you have to make them cough first then hit them on their back 5 times then squeeze then 5 times too. The number to call for emergency is 999. If you see someone unconscious then you firstly put your ear hole or your hand on their face and check if they are breathing. Then you shake then you call them. But if they are a stranger you don’t want to put yourself in danger. So you always thing about yourself first then the stranger. I thought that it was really fun because I learnt a lot a lot and it will help me in the future.

    Thank you

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