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  1. I enjoyed doing these freeze frames, they all are very good emotions!
    Suddenly,I saw a lightening above my head in the sky, that is the time when I saw the UFO. At that time a shiver ran down my spine!

  2. Slowly, I took a closer look at the object and saw that it was glowing different colours and it was a disc shaped object and was flying. I had no idea what the perculuiar object was. As I walked closer to it I saw that it was beaming and their was light coming from the object.

  3. When the UFO crossed over the sky, I was really happy, and I put up the biggest smile ever. This was because this was a really exciting moment for me because I had never seen a UFO before. I was also a bit scared because I did not know who was inside this UFO and what it wanted from our planet. I watched as its bright lights shone over the sky. It was an amazing sight to look at and I will never forget the memory.

  4. When I wrote sentences about how I felt if I saw a UFO it may look like a story even if you read it , however I wrote quite a lot of sentences and they may look a bit like paragraphs.

  5. Whilst I was walking happily around Broad Heath, until then I saw an elongated flying disc hovering in the air, it looked as if it was a …. UFO! I FELT SHOCKED, PETRIFIED and CURIOUS at the same time to see a UFO and someone staring at me maliciously but beady-eyed.I predicted that the person who looked at me rudely was a …. ALIEN! To be honest I felt so ( SHOCKED, PETRIFIED and CURIOUS) at the same time that shivers rapidly ran down my neck, also my neck started to hurt. However, I hope that I am accurate about me see-ing an actual UFO.
    Few minutes later, I saw the UFO automatically disappear after a blink of an eye, then after that when it was the end of break time I quickly went inside Broad Heath. Feeling excited I explained what happened to all of the Teachers, Dinner Ladies ,Deputy head , Head Teacher, Staff and other members of Broad Heath but sadly no one would believe me. Few hours later, It was home time and hoping my parents would believe of what has happened today they also didn’t believe me. I felt so resentful that when I got home I ran upstairs got changed and locked my room, however I didn’t come out. Few minutes later, I had a fascinating plan! So it goes like this …. First I will go outside at 8pm and hopefully I will see a UFO. SECONDLY, I will quickly take a clear, visible picture of it. After that, I will print the picture and laminate it . Eventually, I will show everyone in my school and my parents and family and then EVERYONE will believe me , then I won’t be a laughing stock anymore HOORAY!
    When the next day came, I explained to my parents, family and everyone at Broad Heath what happened yesterday ( again) and luckily, they all believed me. The picture of me who saw a UFO was so famous ( at Broad Heath) that every child/kid from Broad Heath will be creating projects and will be studying on UFO’s for 6 WEEKS!

  6. I’ve got another few sentences:

    As soon as I looked in the pitch black sky ,the sky lit up and it made nerves freeze like I fell in ice cold water.

    At that very second, I heard nerve wracking noises come from the dark sky so I went to investigate and I saw…A UFO 👽👽😱

    As I settled down in my warm, cosy bed, I heard strange,peculiar noises coming from outside, so I looked out the foged up window and saw a sequence of glowing lights which made me feel like my blood stopped circulating.

    By Aryan 👽👽

  7. When i saw this elongated disc shaped figure, i felt a cold shiver run down my spine.
    As i looked up,i felt an enormous gust of wind dart past me.
    As i looked up,i heard an eerie sound and saw a sudden flash of lights, which made me feel nervous.

  8. As this elongated disc zoomed towards me I felt a swarm of shivers fly down my body.!!!
    Slowly, when I thought that this figure had vanished, I went a little closer just to see if my prediction was correct however I was astonished to see That this UFO was quivering in mid air changing colours to Blue green yellow magenda and a few other colours.
    When I saw the UFO I also saw two beady eyes glaring at me , at that moment, I couldn’t describe my feelings.

  9. I felt chills running down my spine it was like a horror red ,green,pink, orange the UFO was changing colors so quickly that i did not know what the colors were after that.:o :o :o

  10. I felt peculiar and afraid so I looked away and sucked my finger.👽👽👽💀👻👻😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

  11. When I saw this peculiar UFO I reacted curiously and apprehensively,but I didn’t get to really see it (well done to every one for the freeze frame and me) (good editing)

  12. I loved doing this and the freeze frames were so funny 😂. Well done everyone. Here are my sentences:
    Suddenly, I heard an eerie, nerve wracking noise come from the porch so I looked in the sky and saw the sky light up like a huge disco ball in space.

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