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5 Blue Philip Larkin’s Afternoon Poem

Today has been a great day in 5 Blue, we have been learning about the poem ‘Afternoon’ by Philip Larkin

Below is a video showcasing our learning from today.

Please share a comment on the videos, the Philip Larkin Afternoon poem and your day.

17 thoughts on “5 Blue Philip Larkin’s Afternoon Poem

  1. Philip Larkin we learned about was great we learnt a sad poem called Summer Is Fading it was sad 😔 I really enjoyed this week (music week) we learnt about Phillip Larkin that was fun👾😹😹😹😹😸😹😸😹😸😹😸😹😸 I really am going to miss school

  2. We learnt abou the poem “Afternoon”,which was written by Philip Larkin.We also inferred,what the poem could be about.we enjoyed this lesson and learnt about what Philip larkins poem was abou.

    By Aisha.c and Aisha.k

  3. We learnt a poem from Philip Larkin,we created a iMovie of the poem.we also worked hard I’m proud of everyone.😀✅👫👍🏻

  4. I learned about Phillip Larkin and he had a poem “summer is fading” it was a sad poem and it was about what woman’s did And what men did. We made a iMovie about the poem and I really enjoyed it.

  5. We learn a poem from Philip Larkin. People worked hard making a iMovie of the poem. We worked as a group to present the poem and we were great.Well done

  6. Today was a great day . I thought that the best part of the day was when we got to do the iMovie and when we rote about the poem and how we felt about it.

  7. I have learned loads of interesting facts about Philip Larkin.My favorite part is when we learned the poem and we had to say the script on iMovie.And well done to everyone else for working hard and trying their best.

    • Interesting

      What is the past tense for try?

      Do you think you could read, edit and improve the comment above so it makes sense please.

      *we have try good today*
      *we all great a good Imovie*
      *we all try had on pictures*

  8. I learned about Philip Larkin it was amazing and i learned lots about Philip Larkin. It was really good, i like the part when we learned about Philip Larkin.

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