5 Blue Superstars πŸ’«

Another good week in 5 Blue. The children have been producing some excellent persuasive letters which should hopefully be shared on the blog next week after they have been marked. As always, there have been some children who have stood out for going the extra mile.

Firstly, well done Hamzah. All week, Hamzah has been a superstar! He has worked so hard, producing some amazing work and giving 100% effort in everything he does. Well done!Β 

Secondly, well done to Aleena. All week, Aleena has been helpful and diligent in everything she does. She makes sure that she takes her time and produces high quality work. Well done Aleena!

Finally, congratulations to Jeremi. Jeremi has really turned this week around, making sure he is always focused in lessons and trying his best in his work. His standard of work has increased dramatically as a result. Well done!

Well done again to everyone in 5B! Have lovely weekends and I will see you all on Monday!

Miss Starkey 🌟

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