5 Blue Superstars πŸ’«

This week has been an amazing week in 5 Blue. All the children have had a fantastic attitude to their learning and have had a brilliant, positive attitude in general. Well done 5 Blue keep this up! 

As always, we have had a few children who went above and beyond and won our superstar award this week:

Firstly, congratulations to Medina. Medina has been hard working and conscientious this week, which, in turn, has made her produce some brilliant pieces of work, such as her excellent poster in Topic. Well done Medina!Β 

Our next superstar is Luiza. Luiza received this award for her helpfulness. Every Friday lunch time, she volunteers to help the adults in 5 Blue to organise our cupboard space and gets herself involved in tasks without being asked. Well done Luiza and thank you! 

Finally, Amaan won the award this week because he always has a smile on his face. No matter what, his positivity vibrates round the room and really helps to create the positive 5 Blue ethos. Well done Amaan. 

Thank you 5B! I cant wait for another excellent week next week! 

Miss Starkey 🌟

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