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5 Blue – The Earth and beyond.

This week, in Science we started our new topic about Earth and the planets in the solar system. You researched the distance between the Earth and Sun/Moon. Some children also found out the distance from the Sun to the other planets.

Below are some fantastic drawings so have a look and tell me an interesting fact you found out about Earth, Sun, Moon or any of the planets.


7 thoughts on “5 Blue – The Earth and beyond.

  1. One fact about the moon is that when the moon is behind the earth the moon changes to different shapes like :

    The new moon
    Waxing crescent
    Waxing gibbous
    1st quarter
    Full moon
    Last quarter
    Waning gibbous
    Waning crescent

    This is because, when the earth goes around the sun and the moon goes around the earth sometimes the earth can block the moon behind so that causes the moon to change different shapes.

  2. I learnt that the Earth travels around the sun and the moon travels around the earth.It takes 365 days for the whole earth to travel around the whole sun ☀️

  3. I have learnt from this work that the distance between the earth and moon would be approximately 38,403, I also really enjoyed the lesson!

  4. In Science this half term we have been learning about the 8 different types of moon phases:
    -last quarter
    -waning gibbous
    -1st quarter
    -new moon
    -waxing crescent
    -waning crescent
    -waning gibbons
    Also in Science we have been learning about the Sun,Moon and Earth we had a lot of fun learning about Earth and beyond!!!

  5. From what I can see in the first piece of work, Saturn is 7.2km from Earth which is an enormous distance! Also, Mars is winking at me for some reason! I shall try to wink back. Well done for some great work on the planets 5 Blue!

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