5 Blue: The Land of Goodies

This week, 5 Blue studied the adventure of one of Enid Blyton’s favourite faraway adventure books.

Below is a video showcasing some of our learning this week.

Well done for all of your hard work this week, please share a comment about your favourite part of the story and this week.


38 thoughts on “5 Blue: The Land of Goodies

  1. My favourite part was when cousin Rick get in trouble. We have made some
    lolly pops and we have designed our tree with cup cake, cousin Rick has been eating other foods

  2. My favourite bits of the week were:
    1. I absolutely loved colouring in the gingerbread man and the doughnuts because you got to use sketching skills.
    2. I liked plotting coordinates because I like using maths skills.
    3. I liked making lollipops because it was fun and creative.

  3. I really liked the part when we made cupcakes and when we painted
    a background for our tree my favourite part In the story was when they entered the magical world .

  4. This week was fun and I liked making the lollipop,I liked drawing the enchanted tree that has sweet ,I liked doing the candyfloss closes.

  5. My favourite part of the land of goodies was when the people got ice cream and blue berry on their face as well as in their pockets.
    I also liked the end part because the children let Moonface and Suausepan man stay over at their house I thought it was very kind and thoughtful.
    What I liked about this week was plotting the coordinates on the grid.

  6. I really liked the book because it was interesting when they were going to go to a different land which was a land of sweets and candies .And was named the land of goodies,the favourite part of the book was when they were going to the tree top!!!

  7. I like the part we were doing the cupcakes and the sweet.
    I really like the part well we did The goodies .
    And the part I really like was the clouds and lopops.
    By Ilhan.

  8. I like when we were painting on the paper and I like making my tree and write phrase. I like when we made fakes cupcakes.l like when we made our tree because it had lollipops at the bottom of the tree and a cake up side down and muffins.

  9. My favourite part of the week is when we made the tissue paper clouds and when we painted our background for our land of goodies.

    My favourite part of the story was when Rick ate the door nob of the man’s door.

    By sophia

  10. My favourite part in the story was when they went down the slide and it was also when they where getting chased by the other people because they threw food at them. My favourite part of the week was when we drawer our enchanted tree

  11. I liked the bit when Rick ate the door knob.And when all of the cakes fell off.
    The favourite part of this week was when we creating our ginger bread men because it was fun and exciting.

    By Rayhaan 5 Blue

  12. I love The land of goodies book . My favourite part was all of it because it’s a wonderful book. The land of goodies is the best book ever. The people who work very well I hope they can ceep up the hard work . Also every one else . Well done to every one to Everyone did a very good job. I really really like the part of the book when the children let Moonface and Suauepan to come for a night

  13. My favourite bit of the book is when moon face slid down the slide on the tree the slide was made out of branches moon face .Also the two ladies came inside moon face bedroom and blamed him that they throwed sweets at the two ladies. I also have another favourite bit and it is when they were climbing up the ladder to see what was at the top of the ladder.

  14. My favourite part of the story was when Rick got into trouble because it was fun when he learnt his lesson. The story we are learning about was written by Enid Blyton. The story is called A faraway tree adventure the land of goodies.

  15. My favourite part of the video is basically all of it ! Well done to those who worked very hard to create the video and talk about the learning and fascinating facts. Well done Miss Ahmed and Mrs Edwards for working super hard everyday.
    The video was very interesting and the best bit is when children who spoke on the video worked really hard to memorise the words that they were meant to say to make the video a success. I really enjoy The Land of Goodies book because we do lots of magical and arty lessons and what I really enjoy best is using my imagination and it is fantasy and I enjoy creating , sketching and writing my own enchanted land and its really fun creating your own characters.

  16. My favourite part of this week was using our coordinate skills also because I had done it before. When we were finished we got to draw our own goodies on the map. When we were created our tree it was also very fun because you let your imagination free and come up with extraordinary ideas. While we were creating our tree we also got to create our own land.

    My favourite part of the book was when they stepped into the Land of goodies and ate the marshmallow fence.

  17. My favourite thing about this week was when we coordinated the treats in Goodie Land ,I liked it because I got to practice my coordinating skills and even though it was easy I enjoyed it the most.my favourite thing about the book was that when the letter had came to Beth’s house I felt exited to know what would happen next. I think that Enid Blyton has used very superb vocabulary

  18. My favourite part of the story was when the children got invited to the land of goodies and then Rick got in trouble because he ate an edible locker and the man that lived in the house got very angry and started to shout at Rick, this was my favourite part because it was very interesting to find out when we were reading the story.

    My favourite part of this week was when we had to write a description about our enchanted tree.

  19. I really liked the part that they showed their skills of the coordinates grid and I also think that their water painting skills were really good because the final result was really nice.

  20. It was so cool seeing the tree that had sweets 🌳🍭🍩🍿🍪🍬🍦🍰🎂🍫 i liked the bit when the gingerbread man was giving them hot dogs 🌭 Form the shop and when they eat the marshmellow fence.My favourite character is Moon Face🌑 And I also liked the drawing of the the trees that we made 🌳 and the drawing of the jelly that I made which was sour apple flavour 🍏🍎.

    By Rhys.F😋

  21. My favourite part is when Rick gets in trouble when he eats peppermint and when we made cupcakes . I love the new blog because it was effective.

  22. Also the fact is that books can help you with your own lifestyle or personallity after school. You can learn lots in school too help you, but books also can help us in school and reading can be a crucial thing in school to push you further ahead and go that extra mile.My conclusion of book week is to read as much as possible and to gain your knowledge of the books you read. So read to push your learning to the limits and you will succeed massively!!

  23. My favourite part of Enid blyton’s book the faraway tree is the part when they climb up the ladder and go to the land of goodies.Also when they reach the land of goodies they go look at some of the sculptures and when they look at the tree,they see loads of cakes and muffins hanging upside down.And while they continue there journey the see a colourful river of coke!!

    By Ismail Ali🤑😎🤓😝😜

  24. My favourite part of the story is were rick gets in to trouble because he ate a locker off someone’s door and has to stay in their house and stays there until it’s time for them to go.

  25. I loved the bit when Rick ate the man’s doorknob because he was being really greedy and he got into a lot of trouble😀🍭😡😟

    • 2. I liked the bit when Rick dropped all of the sweets because he already got told of and was STILL really clumsy and silly
      3.I liked when ice cream dropped on the angry fairies nose because on the image, the ice cream blob was huge and it was propaply as big as the fairy herself!😆

  26. My favourite part of this week is when we did the grid of the different treats
    I liked this book week because of the inspiration of the book made it on display

    • My favourite part of this week is when is when we located co-ordinates of different candy with the x and y axis going both way (minus and positive axis)

      Correction of first comment

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