5 Blue Zoom Details

Hello Five Blue!
This week we be speaking with you every morning!
EVERY child must join zoom at 9.10 to 9.20 to be a part of our class register.
We will begin the day sharing expectations and helping you to organise yourself.

Zoom Conduct:
*Password: Lower case/ Colour of our class Giraffe (_ _ _ _).
*Microphone and camera ON or you will be OUT.
*Attend with paper and pen for notes.
*Make sure we can see your face clearly.
*Avoid having loud noises/ TV in the background.

*Only on Friday-Please wait in the waiting room till we let you in for individual feedback.

Parent consultations
I will meet the following parents next week after school. If you do not usually collect your child please do on Monday/Wednesday or Thursday so we can have a chat about your child’s progress.
(Esha/ Ibrahim/ Saffiyah/ Rhema/ Umar/ Safwan/ Aayan S/Lisa/Ravi/Xavier)

Tuesday 22nd June 2021
– Zoom register
Meeting ID: 995 9708 4991

10am- Daily P.E.

10am English intervention zoom
(Rhema, Esha)

1pm Maths Intervention
( Safwan, Saffiyah, Laura, Mishal, Steven, Xavier, Rhema, Esha )

Wednesday 23rd June 2021
– Zoom register
Meeting ID: 835 265 0979

10am Daily P.E.

11am Maths Intervention Zoom
(Safwan, Saffiyah, Laura, Mishal, Steven, Xavier, Rhema, Esha)

1pm English Intervention Zoom
(Safwan, Saffiyah, Laura, Mishal, Steven, Xavier, Rhema, Esha)

Thursday 24th June 2021
Meeting ID: 963 7192 4274

10am Daily P.E.

11am Maths Intervention Zoom
(Safwan, Saffiyah, Laura, Mishal, Steven, Xavier, Rhema, Esha)

1pm English Intervention Zoom
(Safwan, Saffiyah, Laura, Mishal, Steven, Xavier, Rhema, Esha)

Feedback Friday
Friday 25th June 2021

Fun Friday blogs
Meeting ID: 950 5563 0200

71 thoughts on “5 Blue Zoom Details

  1. miss we have a problem with our WIFI so i couldnt do the parents meeting.
    Also i forgot we had zoom calls i was going to do it yesterday but i woke up at 9:35

    • Hi Mishal, that is not an option.

      I have clearly shared the time slots available on the blog above.I will speak to your adult next week, once we are back in school.

    • Good morning Ravi,
      Can you book a consultation- yes my dear. See you and your parents at 10.05.

      Constellations are linked to groups of stars (You studied during project week)

      Always double check what you post because once it is out there it won’t come back : )

    • Hi Umar’s parent, unfortunately I have a meeting at 11.30. Group 3 runs from 10.40 to 11.10.

      Please could we rearrange for next week. I will post another parent consultation section above.

      • Hello Mrs Ahmed,
        Mahamed’s works from yesterdays blogs have been uploaded.
        Are the links for the zoom meeting going to be uploaded somewhere else?

          • The password is a four letter colour- it is the colour of our class giraffe (Amer sits opposite it and should know)

            As the appointment was missed please could you join the zoom call at 2.45 today? Would be great to see you.

            Thank you

  2. We may seem isolated locked up in our homes. But we shouldn’t act good in class and not outside. You may see/realise that people know that your behaviour isnt great. So try your best to turn you attitude around.
    School isnt always for fun.
    It’s to help you in life.
    Stay safe and I cant wait for school

  3. Will the Friday parent meeting timings overlap with registration timings? If so, can I be in group 3, anytime 10.40 onward? Also I put my name down for Monday with the TA yesterday so I’m assuming that is now cancelled? Ilyas mum.

    • Hello Ilyas’s Mum, we use Friday as “Feedback Friday” on this day children do not attend a register as they will have an individual time slot to speak to myself and Mrs Habib. This is an opportunity for more tailored feedback and learning.
      As we have not done much online learning this week, it seems the most ideal time to have parent consultations and discuss progress, next steps and clarify expectation for the upcoming week.
      I will book you in for Friday at 10.40 (no meeting on Monday).

      There will be a zoom link attached above once I have everyone’s time slots.

      I hope that clarifies everything, tomorrow during registration Ilyas will have the opportunity to ask any further questions.

      Have a pleasant evening, stay safe.

    • I will add times and further details closer to the time Mishal- well done for checking. Make sure you access 3rd space on Tuesday okay.

      Stay home, stay safe Mishal (Not even the corner shop)

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