5 Blue’s Film Narratives

Below are a few videos showcasing videos children have planned and created to portray a range of emotions.
Share your comments about what you think the plot of the story is, I am sure the actors and directors of each movie will tell you whether you are right or wrong.



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  1. I think that the third video was about three girls who were evacuated from the war zone and were sent to live with different families with different lives at different places.I think Aisha c went to an orphanage Sophia went to live with a rich family and miral went to a poor family.

  2. Wow, all the videos were great! Some groups videos ( including my groups) video were banned due to copyright. However, everyone worked truly hard, so well done to all of us.

  3. I liked my silent film and everyone else’s. I think we worked very hard and did brilliant facial expressions and also emotions.I think my film was fantastic.My group didnt use green screen but i liked it how it was.

  4. Welll done everyone some good films.The four plot of the silent movie was separated from the people .The second silent movie was was when they get shot.The third one was when you they lose there home and don’t have any where to live .

  5. So I think that the third video is showcasing that there are 3 friends who walk to school. But when they come back from school they see their homes have been bombed and family, as a result the friends get split up. one lives in a mansion, one lives with a poor family and one lives in a orphanage. As they were very close friends they really is each other.

  6. I think that the second video is about four boys who are enemies and want to have revenge for the past . Anyway I really enjoyed watching them but the first one and fourth one didn’t work

  7. I thinkthe third film is about when the three orphange girls get seperated to different places i think the first charcter went to a big house and the second charcter went to Iraq.