5 Blue’s Localities Fieldwork

This half term we have been comparing Coventry and Stratford-Upon-Avon. Traditionally, children get the opportunity to travel to Stratford and carry out their field work. However, due to COVID-19 we were unable to do so we adapted our planning to ensure the children could apply similar learning skills to our wonderful city of Coventry.

The children have been researching areas which would be best suited for a tourist attraction (Aquarium/Zoo etc). Today we had the chance to visit two of the locations and carry out some fieldwork, exploring the human and physical features, transport links as well as the area and perimeter of the locations.

Examples of work:

So Five Blue, which location was best suited for your tourist attraction & why?
(area, perimeter, transport link)

11 thoughts on “5 Blue’s Localities Fieldwork

  1. I think the best place for us to start a Sealife center is Swanswell Park.
    This is because it has lots of beautiful swans and this might drag the attention of people to come. Also, the park has lots of routs to it and there is lots of empty space.
    The good thing about this place is that it has a hospital next to it, just in case for any emergencies.
    The water of the pond is very dirty so we can add water purifiers.
    The most baddest thing in this place was that it has lots of duck poo.
    So we need to regularly clean the place.

  2. For our group Swanswell park was the best place as a lot of people,go around for peace. This place is also better because there is a bus stop outside so people can go from bus. In Swanswell park there was a lot of greenery and space so we could build enough for our business. We have a pond there so enough sea life animals can live there.

  3. My location would be Swansell park because it has lots of greenery and space and it has an attraction which are the swans and a play area.

  4. Swanswell park was the best.
    Swanswell has a pond filled with 2 species of animals.
    Birds/fish. We could add more to that, we also have more greenery around to finish our aquarium.

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